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WordPress implemented a new blogging interface a few days ago.
It’s pretty cool, it’s designed to be distraction-free, and basically on my countryside connection it makes posting a blog a one-hour affair instead of the usual fifteen minutes.
Because the interface is beautiful, but it’s heavy on my connection resources.


But this is not the real problem – I already write my posts using a text editor caller ReText (but any plain text editor or notepad works) and then copy-and-paste them in WordPress anyway.
But while I was waiting this morning for the interface to load, I found myself with ample time on my hands and started thinking…distraction-free? Continue reading


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Off with their heads!

457Today looks like I’ll be talking about social media.
Second post on the subject…
Fact is, starting… uhm, let’s say one month ago, maybe a little more, I decided to implement a stricter control over my online interactions.
And in particular over the space I am going to allow third parties to take on my blogs, profiles and all that…

What gave me the idea was the gentleman that started harassing me because he wanted me to admit I am a failure, based on his (wrong!) interpretation of what I had written on this blog.
Like I’m not a cheerful, optimist sort of guy!

And then all the rest.
I realize my patience is growing shorter by the day.
Must be the old age encroaching.

So, off with their heads! Continue reading


WordPress posts on G+ – here’s how we did it!

google+OK, the usual disclaimer – one man’s computer-based catastrophe is another man’s idea of fun.
So maybe it was just Marina (alias Zeros83) and me, experiencing this frustrating problem with the Google+ thingie in WordPress.
Maybe this did never happen to you, or you solved it in a sec without even thinking about it. Please be patient with what we consider a little triumph, even if for you it’s just two losers congratulating themselves on their loser-dom.

Our problem: basically, the social sharing tool in WordPress did share our contents on G+ – but only privately, and for our eyes only.
And, sort of, you know… I normally have already read what I wrote on my blog.
Social sharing should be… social.

So we worked a little to see if we could find a way around this strange setting problem.

And this is how we did it. Continue reading