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WordPress posts on G+ – here’s how we did it!

google+OK, the usual disclaimer – one man’s computer-based catastrophe is another man’s idea of fun.
So maybe it was just Marina (alias Zeros83) and me, experiencing this frustrating problem with the Google+ thingie in WordPress.
Maybe this did never happen to you, or you solved it in a sec without even thinking about it. Please be patient with what we consider a little triumph, even if for you it’s just two losers congratulating themselves on their loser-dom.

Our problem: basically, the social sharing tool in WordPress did share our contents on G+ – but only privately, and for our eyes only.
And, sort of, you know… I normally have already read what I wrote on my blog.
Social sharing should be… social.

So we worked a little to see if we could find a way around this strange setting problem.

And this is how we did it. Continue reading