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WordPress posts on G+ – here’s how we did it!


google+OK, the usual disclaimer – one man’s computer-based catastrophe is another man’s idea of fun.
So maybe it was just Marina (alias Zeros83) and me, experiencing this frustrating problem with the Google+ thingie in WordPress.
Maybe this did never happen to you, or you solved it in a sec without even thinking about it. Please be patient with what we consider a little triumph, even if for you it’s just two losers congratulating themselves on their loser-dom.

Our problem: basically, the social sharing tool in WordPress did share our contents on G+ – but only privately, and for our eyes only.
And, sort of, you know… I normally have already read what I wrote on my blog.
Social sharing should be… social.

So we worked a little to see if we could find a way around this strange setting problem.

And this is how we did it.

First – you disconnect your G+ Account from your WordPress.com blog (you find this in Settings-> Sharing).

Then you reconnect again.
Now, when you reconnect, two things can happen.

a . you are offered a very brief text, a single choice (G+ wants to access bla bla) and a blue button to accept that choice.
b . a longer set of choices, with some selections possible, including the level of privacy of your shared content on G+.

Don’t ask us why this happens.
We don’t know – but it happens.
And we want option b.
So if we disconnect and then connect again the G+ account and get option a, the only solution is connecting and disconnecting again.
At this point, you’ll get option b.

In the privacy settings, now we choose Public.
For good measure we can also add Extended Circles, just to be on the safe side.

We press Accept, and that’s it.

Now our posts will be shared publicly on G+.

Notice that the above settings – choosing Public and Extended Circles – are the most basic and rough.
The nice bit is, you can actually fine-tune nicely what you share and with whom you share, through G+.

One last detail.
If you are linking two WordPress blogs to the same G+ account, you’ll experience the following – as you disconnect account X, also account Y will be disconnected.
This means that if you follow the above procedure for blog X, and then pass to blog Y and do the same, as soon as you disconnect the second blog you’ll be back at square one with the first, too.
The only solution is opening the two admin pages in two different tabs, and work in parallel.
Disconnect X, disconnect Y.
Reconnect X, reconnect Y.
Choose privacy options for X, do the same for Y.
Accept the options on X and then on Y.

Oh, yes – this worked for us.
We can’t guarantee this works for you, too.
It’s sort of weird, don’t you think, this sort of shamanic, let’s-see-if-this-time-it works approach to technology…

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

2 thoughts on “WordPress posts on G+ – here’s how we did it!

  1. From my iPad, starting a week ago or so, whenever I attempt to share a blog post on Google (kudzu) Plus, I’m faced with a bit of a dead end that I haven’t been able to get around. I see a page or a step that now has all of my contacts listed below the standard circles…Oh, forget it. Google to me is something like kudzu or giardia, a flagellated protozoan or better yet, a Foxtail Seed that works its way in and must continue squirming forward. Maybe I should just reread your post and shut up.


    • I’ve no experience with iPad.
      And yet, it looks like G+ is giving assortend and well-differentiated headaches to many users.
      I don’t know if my post will be of any help – I wish you luck.
      And yes, I can appreciate the kudzu analogy.
      Quite so.


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