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About Davide Mana

Wishful thinking...
Wishful thinking…

I was born in Turin, Italy, 1967.
I studied science in Turin (where they gave me a BSc in Paleontology on the condition I’ll never come back), London (where I thrived, working for Shell UK), Bonn (too briefly, alas! – but long enough for a Master in Applied Micrpalaeontology), Urbino (from which I fled gripping a PhD in Earth Sciences). Along the way I was also able to catch a master in Communication of Science and one as an Environmental Analyst.
I served my country playing Dungeons & Dragons in the Air Force for one year.
Through the years I have been a call-center operator, language teacher, scarecrow, university researcher, freelance researcher, statistics guru, post-doc course teacher, translator, author, content crafter, art show coordinator, editor, lecturer, game designer, fantasy writer, teacher of Taoist Philosophy, book reviewer, web designer, bicycle repairman, renewable energies pundit, Tarot reader, cat herder.

I currently live in Castelnuovo Belbo, an 800-souls community in the hills of the Monferrato area of Northern Italy.

Writing, Translations & Game Design


I have been writing – both for the fiction and gaming markets – since the mid ’90s, and my works were featured in a number of fiction anthologies and gaming books.
As of now, I am a hybrid author, both self- and traditionally-published, writing both in Italian and English, writing fiction, non fiction and gaming material.
I have been a member of the Horror Writers Association, and I will probably join again when I’ll be able to afford the expenses.

I’m the author – among other things – of the Aculeo & Amunet sword & sorcery stories, of the horror series Gli Orrori della Valle Belbo (in Italian), of the new pulp novel The Ministry of Thunder.
As a game designer, I created the the Deadlands campaign book Messico & Nuvole.
My steampulp roleplaying game Hope & Glory, set in a steam-powered, post-colonial and post-apocalyptic alternate 20th century, was published in 2019 both in Italian and English.


In 2016, Raven’s Head Press started publishing my new pulp/adventure series The Corsair. Following the unexpected passing away of Michael Hudson, I have reprised the series as a self-published effort.
My stories appeared in various anthologies by Pro Se Press, and I contributed stories to the Pro Se Thriller of the Week project.

In 2017, gaming company GGStudio started publishing my stories set in the world of Hope & Glory.

My dinosaur adventure novel House of the Gods was published by Severed Press in January 2018.

As a translator, I worked on the Italian editions of the anthology Jews vs Zombies and of Daniel Polansky’s novel The Builders and Lavie Tidhar’s multi-award winning Central Station, the three of them published by Acheron Books.

In 2018 I also launched my Patreon page


And despite all of this work, I’m still fighting back abject poverty and trying to keep my mortgaged house out of the bank’s hands, and as always I am waiting for the next hand of cards to be dealt.