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About Davide Mana

Wishful thinking...

Wishful thinking…

I was born in Turin, Italy, 1967.
I studied science in Turin (where they gave me a BSc in Geology on the condition I’ll never come back), London (where I thrived, working for Shell UK), Bonn (too briefly, alas! – but long enough for a Master in Applied Micrpalaeontology), Urbino (from which I fled gripping a PhD in Earth Sciences). Along the way I was also able to catch a master in Communication of Science.
I served my country playing Dungeons & Dragons in the Air Force.
Through the years I have been a call center operator, language teacher, scarecrow, university researcher, freelance researcher, statistics guru, post-doc course teacher, translator, author, content crafter, art show coordinator, editor, lecturer, game designer, fantasy writer, teacher of Taoist Philosophy, book reviewer, web designer, bicycle repairman, renewable energies pundit.

I currently live in Castelnuovo Belbo, a 900-souls community in the hills of the Monferrato area of Northern Italy.

acheron_the__ministry_of_thunderI have been writing – both for the fiction and gaming markets – since the mid ’90s, and my works were featured in a number of fiction anthologies and gaming books.
As of now, I am a hybrid author, both self- and traditionally-published, writing both in Italian and English, writing fiction, non fiction and gaming material.
I have been a member of the Horror Writers Association, and I will probably join asgain when I’ll be able to afford the expenses.

I’m the author – among other things – of the Aculeo & Amunet sword & sorcery stories, of the horror series Gli Orrori della Valle Belbo (in Italian), of the new pulp novel The Ministry of Thunder, and of the Deadlands campaign book Messico & Nuvole.
In 2016, Raven’s Head Press has started publishing my new pulp/adventure series The Corsair.

Currently fighting back abject poverty and trying to keep my mortgaged house out of the bank’s hands, I am waiting for the next hand of cards to be dealt.