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Ancient Greek Insults – a primer

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Greek was the language of phylosophy (and of commerce) to the ancient Romans, and therefore it was sort of a lingua franca in the Mediterranean.
As I have often explained, it is likely that Aculeo and Amunet speak in Greek to each other – and indeed Amunet tends to use Greek swearwords wjhen she goes over the top, reserving Latin profanities only to those she is sure can understand them.

dirtywords-300x217So, after yesterday’s roundup of Latin dirty words, here’s a quick list of Ancient Greek terms that are absolutely not safe for works, especially if you are a citizen of the Empire…

  • amathés . fool
  • aischrourgòs . pervert
  • androkàpraina . whore
  • aphòdeuma . shit
  • bdelyròs . bastard, villain
  • ghastròdes . big-bellied, fatso
  • ghàuros . full of air, braggart
  • glàmon . dirty, lecher
  • gràson . one that stinks like a goat
  • embròntetos . out of mind
  • exòloio . drop dead!
  • etairatròphos . pimp
  • euryproktos . broken in the ass
  • katàratos . cursed
  • kèpfos . stupid
  • keràstes . cuckold
  • koprìas . dirty buffoon
  • es kòrakas . f#ck off
  • kochòne . fat assed woman
  • kriòmyxos . stupid like a ram
  • laikàs . slut
  • mastropòs . pimp
  • moikalìs . two-timing woman
  • myrton . debauched
  • oinopìpes . drunkard
  • pankataratos . thrice cursed
  • panoùgros . ruffian
  • pòrne . whore
  • pornìdion . slut
  • prokyon . ass-kisser
  • skèrbolos . cheeky
  • sorèlle . old mummy
  • phlyaros . knave
  • chalkòs . cheeky, impudent

And this is it. Now you’re all set.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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