East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


reality mattersWriting is sleight of hand – or a con game, if you prefer – in which the author (with the readers’ permission) tricks the readers into believing the story they are reading is plausible, by placing a selection of correct, factual details into what remains a made-up narrative. Get the factual bits wrong, and you get caught while you switch cards or pull a rabbit from a hidden pocket.

In other words, fail your essential research, and your story won’t work.

The readers will snigger.

This book is so full or errors about the UK police force it is laughable.

True story.
And nobody wants a sniggering audience.

Big name authors and big publishers have their research teams – but what about the small guy?
What about self-publishers and small presses?
What about game designers?
What about the tiny bit of info you need to spice up a short story?

That’s where we come in.


RE:CON is a small freelance operation.
A flexible, agile and cheap solution for writers in need of some quick fact checking for their work.

Need to know the color of the crime scene tape in Turkey?
… The basic workings of an atmospheric circulation system?
… Where you could get your shoes repaired in Shanghai, in 1936?
… What’s the actual name of that swingy-thingie they used in Egypt to haul water up from a well?

Drop us a line – we’ll work out a deal.

2 thoughts on “RE:CON

  1. Great thing you’ve got here. Research, especially pre-“medieval” is as rare as rebbis at a barbecue! I’m currently for Myrddin-era connections between 5th c. Britain & New Rome for a novel that, at least, keeps me intrigued.

    By the way, we swapped links a while back through Facebook & I changed servers. Would you please add a link to https://wisdomofsages.com?


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