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No need for Google

A bit of fun.
This thing happened the other day over Facebook: somebody posted this image…

Screenshot from 2018-02-14 03-02-47

… and I commented that the really scary thing was, I would not need to google at least three of those items.
Maybe four.
My real problem would be the hits of 2007. Continue reading

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5 Tools Everyone Writing Adventure Stories Should Be Using

toolboxIt was suggested to me I do a list of five about adventure writing and about the sort of tools that can be a real life (or time1) saver when you are writing adventure tales.

Yes, of course, Wikipedia and Google Translate, these are quite useful. And Google maps.
And a good reference library does help, too.
But is there something more, or something more suited to writing, and adventure writing in particular?
These are of course my fave tools, and I am sure many out there are using other software/websites/services.
If you’d like to add to the list of suggestions, please do so in the comments sections.
It’s always nice discovering something we don’t know, and that might get handy.

As for me, here goes my list of five. Continue reading


WordPress posts on G+ – here’s how we did it!

google+OK, the usual disclaimer – one man’s computer-based catastrophe is another man’s idea of fun.
So maybe it was just Marina (alias Zeros83) and me, experiencing this frustrating problem with the Google+ thingie in WordPress.
Maybe this did never happen to you, or you solved it in a sec without even thinking about it. Please be patient with what we consider a little triumph, even if for you it’s just two losers congratulating themselves on their loser-dom.

Our problem: basically, the social sharing tool in WordPress did share our contents on G+ – but only privately, and for our eyes only.
And, sort of, you know… I normally have already read what I wrote on my blog.
Social sharing should be… social.

So we worked a little to see if we could find a way around this strange setting problem.

And this is how we did it. Continue reading


Back on G+

… and so this friend of mine comes and tells me, man, you’re not on Google+, your ebook sales will never grow.

what-the-plus-01To which I reply that actually, well, yes, I am on Google+ but, I sort of forget about checking my home page.

To be fully honest – last winter I read What the Plus!, by Guy Kawasaki, and as it usually happens with Guy Kawasaki’s books, I was blown away.
Yes, ok, so it’s maybe a little bit over-enthusiastic about this G+ thingie, but what the hell, it’s still an excellent user’s guide, fun to read, well designed and planned, really a smash.
Then I went to G+ and found out the interface no longer was as described in the book.
The book was written in 2012.
Looks like they changed the thing as soon as the book was out.
That was a big let down – you know how it feels when you’re all revved up and ready to go and all of a sudden it turns out the party is not that funny after all?
Yep… that sort of let down. Continue reading