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Books & reviews

Most of my books are available on Amazon.
On this page, I will feature a few reviews for some of my titles.

The House of the Gods (13 reviews, avg. 4 stars)

This is a really good book. I am all about dinosaurs, (I turn 61 on 28 March) so perhaps I am just a big kid at heart!!
This was FUN! Character development was excellent, the story flowed, it was “believable”- as far as any dinosaur story CAN be considered believable… And, quite frankly, I really enjoyed the ride!
If you enjoy light hearted, monster (dino-type) filled stories, full of bad guys who may or may NOT ‘get theirs’ at the end… pick up a copy. It’s cheaper than a roller coaster, and lasts a whole lot longer!!!

Bride of the Swamp God (10 reviews, avg. 4.5 stars)

This story featured by Davide Mana is intriguing as always, exciting from the first page, definitely well written.
There is plenty of action, occult, happenings.
Well developed characters and a fast paced plot make this book impossible to put down.
You find all the classic pulp elements mixed with some original ideas.
There is a beautiful Egyptian lady in danger, a staircase that sinks beneath the swamp, a roman fighter searching for his lost mates, a traitor at the service of a mad and power-hungry villain and a sleeping ancient God.
The dynamic between the two main character leaves the possibility for future stories really fascinating and I long for their next adventure.
I recommend this book to anyone looking for a great adventure filled with mystery, suspense, and action.

The Ministry of Thunder (9 reviews, avg. 5 stars)

Earlier this week I found myself awake at about 1:00 in the morning, unable to get to sleep. I looked around for something to read and couldn’t find anything that took my interest, so I logged in to Amazon. To make a long story short I decided to buy ‘Cynical Little Angels’. I’m old enough to be a Pulp fan, and I figured it would be a short read.
I knocked it off in one sitting right then and there. It was great! The next morning I bought the eBook version of the ‘The Ministry of Thunder’.
I forced myself to stretch it out for two days because I didn’t want it to be over too fast. One of the other reviewers summed it up perfectly when he said it was a perfect “retro-pulp”. Just the right blend of action, 1930’s Oriental adventure without going over the top like most people seem to do when they try their hand at a Pulp adventure.
I especially liked the great mix of action, sex appeal, sorcery and comedic relief.
Felice Sabatini gets a big thumbs up from me!