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You’ll never make it

Today, on a friend’s Facebook profile, my friend Marina wrote a reply to my comment:

Anansi said “Anger gets shit done” but I guess spite is a great motivator too.

Yes it is.
The subject was those characters we often meet and have no compunction in telling us we’ll never make it. We can’t make it. Not worth the bother.
I’ve met people like this all my life.
Oh, mind you, I was pretty good at school – top marks in every subject but Maths.
But they told me I would not make it. Bad attitude, you see – reading strange books and not being “a good team player”. Continue reading

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Weekend at the con

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Fact is, I’ll spend today and tomorrow in the Medieval citadel of Casale Monferrato, where the Casale Comics and Games convention will take place.
I’ll be manning the Acheron Books table, and possibly seeing a few old friends.


I will post photos, as soon as I’m back.


A cartload of books and the Curse of the Pharaoh

I went to a friend’s lecture last night, hosted in the wonderful hall of the local historical society – a former church, now holding an impressive collection of baroque paintings.
We were there early, and we noticed a big 19th century-style cart, in the back, loaded with books.
We found our places, saw some old friends, started chatting.
At this point, the spokesman for the society taps the mike and explains that,while we are waiting, we might like to take a look at the books on the cart.
These are used books.
They come from the local library, and they were retired.

If anyone feels like taking a few home, you are welcome- help yourself.

Me and my friend Marco traded a glance.
Help ourselves? Continue reading