East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Back from the con

I’m back from Cartoomics, the Milan comic and fantasy fair, and it was a hoot.
Great opportunity to meet some old and some new friends, and get lost in the crowd and the noise for a day.


And talking about the noise – you guys have no idea of what Hell is like if you’ve not been treated to a non-stop loop of  Renaissance1 music and Playstation-grade psaeudo-Wagnerian bombast blasted through a pair of cheap garage-band style amps with the dial up to 11. While the MC shouts stuff like “Here comes the Duke of Draconia!” or “Everybody into the Dungeon!” through a cheap mic, the whole in a huge convention hall that echoes like a Himalayan valley.
That was not fun.
When they started doing an impromptu rendition of Frozen – the Musical, things only got worse – and thanks goodness they cut the singing reindeer’s part.

But apart from that, what a great day!
I hope to get my hearing back one of these days.

  1. Renaissance the time period, not the band 

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Amarna 3D

Logo-900x560-300x186A beautiful site featuring 3D renderings of the city of Amarna and related subjects.

A pity it does not seem to have been updated recently, but well-worth a look anyway.


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Eat like in the days of old

A quick shout-out for a blog I just discovered, and that I really envy – this is the sort of blog I would love to write.


No matter if you are lovers of history, readers of the classics, adventure enthusiasts or just curious people that enjoy good food, please direct your browsers to Farrell Monaco’s blog, Tavola Mediterranea, a beautiful site full of recipes from the ancient shores of the Mediterranean.

Beautiful idea, wonderful execution.
Ah, envy!


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Go, brother!

A quick post to congratulate my brother Alessandro, that was selected for a scholarship as Android developer with Google and Udacity.
Six more months of high-level online education.



The Game of Go

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A blogathon about Jack the Ripper

A quick announcement: my brother is setting up his first blogathon.
Alessandro writes the Redjack Blog, Italy’s foremost blog about Jack the Ripper, and so this will be a Ripper-themed Blogathon.

blogathon horizontal banner

The thing will take place in September, so you have all the time to pick a topic and submit it.
Check it out, and if you feel like, participate.
I will, with a post here on Karavansara.