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Cynical and Gone

angelsFor the second time in a month, something happened to Cynical Little Angels.
First, in the last week of September, the ebook was blocked by Amazon/KDP because somebody had reported it as stolen – that was not my story, they said, I had copied it from somewhere.
A blog, they said.

Turned out the incriminated blog was Karavansara – where I had posted an excerpt of my book to, you know, try and sell more copies.

I had to write to Amazon and clear the issue.

But now Cynical Little Angels is gone, completely.
It does not show on searches, it does no longer appear on my author page, and even the link KDP gives me for the product page of the ebook leads nowhere.
I get a “page missing” notice and the photo of a fluffy dog.
Amazon wants me to buy a puppy.

I am waiting for a reply to my inquiries.
The whole situation is quite frankly, irritating.


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The right book at the right time

Selection_805There’s a big stack of For Dummies handbooks about tech jobs and productivity available at the Humble Bundle website, one of my one-stop places to stock on reading matter on a tight budget.

This Bundle looks like it’s perfect for me (productivity and job seeking) and my brother (a code monkey looking for a career).
And this one pictured here is the first I’ll check out, for reasons my last post should have made obvious.
We invested one buck in the basic Bundle.

You might like to go there and invest a few bucks yourself – you also help a charity doing so.

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The 11th again

age_44_on_birthday_cake_postcard-r975397831ede41be84f467a9d5c2478b_vgbaq_8byvr_324For us is different.
It’s the 11th of September and everybody’s asking about where they were on that day, in 2001.
I remember very clearly – I was standing in the outlet of Comba, one of Turin’s best confectioner. I was there to buy a birthday cake for my brother.
They had a TV on, and we saw everything while it happened.
But that’s it – I was in line to buy a cake.
Because to us, September the 11th is still my brother’s birthday.

Now that you have a brother, my mother told me, you’ll never be alone anymore.

She was right.
Happy birthday, brother!