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The strange case of the vanishing post

Jeremy_Brett_as_Sherlock_Holmes… which would make for a good, if derivative, Holmes pastiche.
But after all, aren’t all pastiches derivative?1

The fact is, my scheduled post from last night vanished without a trace come the morning – which is somewhat apt, in a fantasy/horror sort of way, but it also means I’ll have to rewrite it from scratch.

It’s the second time something like this happens in ten years of blogging.
The first was about two years ago, on my Italian blog.
I was going through a massive writing bout back then, too.
Rule for survival: NEVER schedule your post late at night when suffering from sleep deprivation.

In other news, I’ve started re-watching the Jeremy Brett Holmes series, and might, one day, write about it.
Or write a Holmes pastiche.
Or both.
Now, I’ll go and catch some sleep.

  1. a thought worth investigating. 

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Service announcement

A little bit of administratrivia, if you don’t mind.
Some of you might have noticed this button

Did you like this post?
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appearing at the bottom right of a few recent posts.
As the button itself seems to suggest, it’s a way for anyone willing to show their appreciation for my blog by buying me a coffee once in a while – it’s basically the little brother of the button appearing in my sidebar, just beneath the search bar.


The small button will not appear on all posts. I’m making it my policy to put it up only occasionally, and only on posts that exceed the 600 words in length – because over the 600 words mark I do need a coffee (or some tea, actually) to keep going these days … and you need some coffee too, probably, to keep reading.

As we are talking about the coffee button, I’d like to thank all those that bought me a coffee in the last days, and in particular the gentleman that doing so compared my writing to the works of David Drake: it is not often I get compared to a writer I really appreciate and respect, and this very kind compliment came to me in a very bad moment, and helped me a lot. Thank you!

And as I am at it, I’d also like to thank all those that have so far subscribed to the Karavansara mailing list. Thank you!

And I guess I’ll throw in a Thank you! for all my readers as well, because I like everybody to have a good time, and readers are really the reason a writer writes.

Thank you all,
ladies and gentlemen!

… and now, back to our regular posting schedule …



Yesterday night I was talking with a friend about the decluttering movement that seems to be pretty popular out there but has yet to get a hold of Italy, and today I decided to do some overhauling of my blogs, decluttering the lot.


I checked the stats, and basically removed all the links that had not been clicked recently (say, in the last year). Some stuff I moved to the menu on top of the page, the rest I have excised. Now Karavansara is still a little top-heavy, but now it’s a lot easier on the eye.
Or is it?
What do you think?

Oh, and as I was at, I had a go at the typography of the blog, too.
Is it more readable now?



A mission statement of sorts

OK, let’s do it.
You see, yesterday I commented on my friend Victoria’s blog, on a post she wrote about our personal mission statement – that is, what our life is about, what we are trying to accomplish, what we are trying to be.

Victoria’s guidelines for writing a personal mission statement are straightforward and just a little macabre – imagine people talking about you at your funeral. What would you like them to say?
That’s your mission statement.


Now, I’ve been thinking about mortality a lot these last few months.
It comes in part from losing my father and being there to witness it, in part from the approaching 50th birthday, in part because I feel my old carcass is no longer working properly, and I sometimes worry.
But anyway, why not try and write a mission statement?
After all, I love talking about myself. Continue reading