East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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New tool: bullet journal

22350Things with pages.
I am a compulsive buyer of things with pages – books, sure, but also copybooks. I had an early fetish for those MEAD composition books with sturdy, thick cardboard marbled covers and rounded corners. But also, cheap Moleskine knock-offs from the Chinese supermarket, organizers, ring-binders.
I’m weird like that.
Last Sunday, during a provision run at the local hard discount, I spent two bucks on two oversized copybooks.
Why? They might come handy, I said to myself.

And today, during lunch break, I read a post about Bullet Journaling on Shanna Germain’s blog, which led me to googling about the subject, and so I discovered the joys and the promises of bullet journaling.
That’s the sort of thing I like finding out early in the new year, as this might be an interesting year-long experiment. Continue reading


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A relaxing hobby for the long winter night

The new year started and I crashed.
Bad health, cough and cold (but luckily no flu, so far) and then, two days ago, my brother noticed I was rambling and suggested I should take a break.
I can spend two days without writing and still make all the deadlines.
Incidentally, I have just delivered (with one week of delay) the first episode of The Curse of Fantomah to my patrons. So I’ve reason to rejoice, and take a break. Continue reading

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Day one

First day of the year, the countryside is bleak, dreary and devoid of life, and I have spent the day in idleness, wrapped in thick blankets, eating leftovers and planning what’s to come.


I’ve one course starting in a week and another to launch, a serial starting in two weeks, two short to post on Patreon for my supporters, and we’re still working full tilt on Hope & Glory, speeding towards a release that’s currently labeled “soon”.
23467112_1608046785922535_5574022412936203148_oI have just delivered a translation, and there’s two more on the plate, one of them Lavie Tidhar’s Central Station.

I’ve also developed a certain yearning for change – I wanted to redesign the blog, that is now entering in its 6th year, but really, I like the current template, and it seems to be pretty functional. There’s a number of other things I’d like to do, to improve, expand and grow Karavansara, and I’ll try and work a few out in the next weeks.

2018 is here.
Yesterday night, on the national TV show that was supposed to usher the new year in, one of the artists wished a happy 1918 to all the audience.
If it’s any sign, we are in for a very surreal twelve-month.

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A matter of style

cary-grant-style-icon-sitting-in-tux-tuxedo-crossleggedAnd so it turns out I am not enough of a gentleman.
Or something.
I just tried – and failed – for a post as content writer for a male fashion magazine. They needed someone savvy in the ways of an elegant gentleman and I said to myself, what the heck, if it’s a paying gig, elegant gentleman is my second name. Davide elegant gentleman Mana.
So I contacted them, got through the first selection, and then submitted a 300-words sample of my writing on a fashion-related subject, with a reference to Italian style.
Continue reading


The Longevity Dividend

I just finished an online course about the strategies for a successful aging.
I’m over fifty, after all, and without a hope in hell for a pension and a healthy retirement, I will have to keep myself in working order until the day I die.
Better start early.


The course was an absolute wonder – lots of ideas, lots of suggestion,m some great interactions with my fellow students, and at least one concept I’ll take away and keep close at hand: the longevity dividend. Continue reading


Dancing with the Pharaohs

This is a bit of a ranty post, so bear with me.
OK, I have often written about the Turin Egyptian Museum, the second largest collection of Egyptian antiques in the world, the place where I used to hang out with my friend back when I was in school.

pharaoh zumba

Today, the news that the Museum hosted a night of Zumba fitness dance hit me like a ton of bricks.
OK, I thought, the guys are kidding.
No, they were not. Continue reading