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Off with their heads!

457Today looks like I’ll be talking about social media.
Second post on the subject…
Fact is, starting… uhm, let’s say one month ago, maybe a little more, I decided to implement a stricter control over my online interactions.
And in particular over the space I am going to allow third parties to take on my blogs, profiles and all that…

What gave me the idea was the gentleman that started harassing me because he wanted me to admit I am a failure, based on his (wrong!) interpretation of what I had written on this blog.
Like I’m not a cheerful, optimist sort of guy!

And then all the rest.
I realize my patience is growing shorter by the day.
Must be the old age encroaching.

So, off with their heads! Continue reading

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Refurbishing my LinkedIn

Let’s be serious – my LinkedIn page is in shambles, and my account is very popular with spammers and snake-oil salesmen.
The last time I updated I was still working on my PhD – now my PhD’s in the past.
Paid jobs are scarce, the crisis is rampaging through the country, the wolf is at the door – time to set things straight, and re-do my profile.

Considering the absurd amount of stuff I’m currently doing, this will be something that I’ll do in short steps, taking one hour every evening, as an after dinner sort of thing.
I want to plan the update and do it right.

As luck would have it, I just chanced on this one…

How To Create A Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

Just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s see if it works – I’ll keep you posted.