East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Working on the Whale

I have just posted a new story on Amazon KDP, and right now the oompa-loompas in the service of Jeff Bezos are busy working on a conversion of the text.


The story is a Lovecraftian pastiche called The Miskatonic Whale Run, a short piece written under the nefarious influence of one-too-many viewings of John Landis’ Animal House.
Watch this space – I’ll let you know when the ebook’s available.


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Worldbuilding resources

I have updated my Pinterest pinboard on the subject of Worldbuilding.
I recently noticed that many articles linked on Pinterest have been deleted, moved or anyway are no longer available, so I am trying to keep the collection up to date and as free of dead links as possible.

Fact is, I am designing an online course in Worldbuilding, I’ll be offering early next year. Continue reading

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A quirky mystery

51Z1B-QVrGLIt is my habit, as I think I already mentioned, to bribe myself into writing more.
Usually I go for chocolate or ebooks – which gives you a simple idea of what my weaknesses are.
And also points to the fact that I am cheap.

Now, having hit today the laudable rhythm of 5000 words in one afternoon, I have just awarded myself a book that’s been  intriguing me for quite a while.
I invested all of 1.03 euro.

It’s called Say Goodbye to the Boys, and it was written by Mari Stead Jones. Continue reading

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More ancient dirty words

a0129_2The subject of ancient curses is always popular on Karavansara, so why not post another selection.
I did some reading, and found some funny Factoids, so here’s another list.

Turns out the Egyptians (them again!) were liable to swear by their gods in pretty creative ways.
Nephthys (portrayed here on the right), goddess of the netherworld, was sometimes called “female without a vulva”. Thoth was described as “motherless god”.
Even Ra, the sun god himself, is in some papyruses called “an empty prickhead”.
Which is not certainly very modern, if you think about it, but not polite, not polite at all. Continue reading