East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Ghosts from the East

nightbird coverLet’s leave Egypt behind for a while.
Last week my friend Lucy published her new novel, the first with Acheron Books. It’s called Nightbird and it’s a ghost story1.
So we had the opportunity of talking a lot about ghost stories, and our favorite novels, movies and what not. It was fun. It also turned out that Lucy would love to write a vampire novel, while I’d love to write a few ghost stories. And as we talked about books, I realized that while I love Peter Straub’s Ghost Story or James Herbert’s David Ash books, what I really like is ghostly short stories. The sort you can read in one sitting, and be scared and entertained.
And so I started compiling a list of my favorite collections of ghost stories. Continue reading


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The Breakfast Club in the Jungle

Two nights ago I was so desperate I watched Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle.
Now, first things first: I don’t like to original Jumanji.
OK, Robin Williams, great special effects, fun premise and all that but I guess I was too old when it first came out.
When the new movie came out, I saw the usual hue and cry on Facebook, people tearing their hair off because someone was killing their childhood, and other people complaining about the female lead’s costume.


Business as usual on Facebook1.

So, what’s this thing I’m talking about? Continue reading

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Join the mailing list

First-time visitors to Karavansara get a big fat popup inviting them to join our mailing list. Now there is also a big fat button on the sidebar, that looks just like the one below.


And so, if you have not signed up yet, why not give it a try?
The Karavansara Mailing List is low-traffic, non-intrusive, and bring news of my new projects, my books and my promotions.
And to further bribe you, subscribers to my mailing list get a free, exclusive ebook.

Click the button.
You’ll like it.

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AMARNA on Amazon

Amarna preview smallMore oompa-loopa shenanigans: last night, Amazon informed me that the first episode of AMARNA is now live.
And what about the disappearance of my files and the long silence afterwards?
Nothing – this will remain a mystery forever.
And it’s somewhat fitting, don’t you think?

But let’s look at the bright side: AMARNA is available on Amazon, too.
More choice for my readers, hopefully more sales.
Everyone’s happy.
Possibly Jeff Bezos’ oompa-loompa’s too.


AMARNA, episode 1

Amarna preview smallAnd so we made it, despite the revolt of the Amazon oompa-loompas.
Because you see, I spent almost one hour uploading the text and the cover of the first episode of AMARNA on Amazon, and when I hit publish the thing just vanished.
[snaps fingers] Like that!

And so I said to myself, what the heck, I’ll use Gumroad1.

And so, here it goes – a simple zip file including both the epub and the mobi versions of the first episode of my serial, DRM-free, that you can buy on Gumroad for the same price you’d pay for the mobi alone on Amazon2.

And what’s more, on Gumroad you can SUBSCRIBE to the whole series, and get the files in your mailbox as soon as they are released, saving up to 22% on the retail price of the six installments.
Is this cool or what?

And now, what about a little preview?
Want to see how it starts?  Continue reading