East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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The two Neds or, the Canadian Homer

I mentioned a while back that I had pitched a story idea for a forthcoming anthology called The Further Adventures of Ned Land.
Well, the story pitch worked, and I have received a few days back both the go ahead and the deadline for delivery.


But now a curious problem arises.
I picked up 20.000 Leagues under the Seas1 and checked the original character, and I also re-watched the classic Disney movie, the one in which Ned Land is portrayed by Kirk Douglas. Continue reading

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Other People’ Pulps: War Eagles

Every day I’m posting later… this August thing will kill me.
Also, I’m spending so much time writing and translating, that I don’t have the time to do anything really interesting and Karavansara-worthy. And I know that talking about my writing is not the best way to entertain you guys out there.
So, what about eagle-riding Vikings versus the Nazis, in the sky over Manhattan?

Ah, I knew this would catch your attention. Continue reading

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The Shadow Over Innsmouth

I’m listening to The Shadow over Innsmouth, the radio-drama adaptation produced by the fine guys in the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society,part of their excellent line Dark Adventure Radio Theatre.
It feels like agood way to celebrate HPL’s 126th birthday.


The Shadow over Innsmouth is one of HPL’s most popular stories, and one of the original tales I found in the old, heavily abridged edition of the Gentleman’s stories published as I Mostri all’Angolo della Strada (The Monsters on the Street Corner).
It’s one of the pulpier pieces by HPL, and one of the best. It was adapted into the movie Dagon, which is highly recommended. And the HPLHS adaptation is happily unfaithful to the original – and possibly improves on it.
At roughly 80 minutes, it’s a wonderful way to pass this hot, humid evening, here in the haunted hills of Astigianistan.
With the Deep Ones, and a cornetto.


The direction in which we are looking

I am also reading a lot – because when I take a pause from my writing, translating or editing, a good book is still the best system to relieve my various pains and my screaming monkey mind. Get captured by a good book, completely wrapped in the narrative.
It works.


And right now I am going through a stack of (used1) books by Tristan Gooley, that I think are extremely on-topic here on Karavansara – because we are talking about non-fiction, and about traveling in the old days. Or traveling today, but the old way.
Adventure, but the real one. Continue reading


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