East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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A Wisp of Smoke, online

wisp cover smallThe KDP morlocks did their job, and right now A Wisp of Smoke, Rising is live on Amazon.

A Wisp of Smoke, Rising is a horror story set in Japan in 1960.
It is also a spy story, a mystery of sorts.
It is also a homage to the media through which my generation discovered Japan.
And it has a historical twist, in more senses than one. Continue reading


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Once again into Hell House

My friend Lucy called it “the best ghost movie you don’t know” and she’s right of course, so I spent part of the night of Friday the 13th watching once again The Legend of Hell House.
And now I’ll tell you about it.

I first saw this back when I was in high school.
I remember this distinctively because I caught it one early morning, while I was home alone, in bed with the flu. I watched it on our old Zenith black and white TV set.
It made me an instant fan of Gayle Hunnicutt, but that’s another story.
And really, who in their right minds would schedule this great little horror at 8 am?

This is a British movie, filmed in 1973 and based on a novel called Hell House by the great Richard Matheson, who also wrote the screenplay, moving the location from New England to Old England. Continue reading


Ideas everywhere, and a new story

OK, new project going – because really ideas can be found everywhere.
Where will I find the time to write it, I wonder?
But anyway, good ideas should be pursued, and what I have here now is a great idea!
I am still putting together all the pieces and things, and I’m doing a nice bit of research, but I’ll work double-time to make this new thing ready for Halloween.
Because it’s horror.
Supernatural horror.
Maybe with a little touch of occult.


As usual I’m thinking in terms of mid-length, say a novella, and possibly the first in a series. But that’s long in the coming.

It is also something really different from what I usually write, and this is the exciting bit, because it’s always good to try new concepts, styles, structures and plots.
I’m also considering the option of publishing the story in both English and Italian at the same time, which makes it even more work, but it would be nice.

I’m not giving away anything else for the time being, but I promise that, if it will eventually work out, it will be quite fun. And different.
So, wish me luck

buscafusco ghosts & shadows smallIn other news: the BUSCAFUSCO ebooks are about to be re-priced at 1.99. I know this will cut my royalties drastically (70 cents instead of two bucks), but I write to be read and to sell (not necessarily in that order) and a higher royalty on a book that does not sell is meaningless.
So, keep an eye out, in a few hours the prices will drop.


A story in search of its place

I might need a little help here, so suggestions are welcome.
Last April I wrote a story, in about a weekend. It was a one-shot horror story set in New York in the 1930s, but as I usually do when I write shorts, I designed it to work as the first in a series, should the characters meet the fancy of the readers.


I wanted to do something in the vein of the old pulps, but also more modern, closer to our modern sensibilities.
Straightforward but quirky.
So, it was a one-shot “with possibilities”, and it was intended as (possibly) the first outing of my very own occult detective/monster hunter, the extremely reluctant conjurer Steve Davies, a.k.a. The Mysterious Doctor Wu Yang1Continue reading


“Ladies in Red” anthology open for submissions


woman redEditor is a word that scares me, when it is applied to myself.
And yet…
I am taking care of a new anthology, to be published by Horrified Press, as part of their Silent Fray line of physical horror books.

My project is called Ladies in Red, and it goes like this… Continue reading

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3000 in one day

Olivetti_L32_MToday I’m putting myself to the test, both for fun and profit.
The idea is to write a 3000+ words horror story on spec, aiming at an anthology whose deadline looms closer.
The check is enough to put food on my table for a week, but apart from that I feel like flexing my writing muscles, and placing another story with my name on it out there.

So I’ll write, revise and post it today.

Right now I’m about 1500 words in it, and it’s going pretty smooth – despite a blink in the electric system that caused my computer to flip this morning, and so I lost 500 words.
But the rewrite is actually better than the lost original, so there.

Back to work.
I’ll keep you posted!