East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Fear & Loathing

And so in the end I went and did a podcast, and it’s going fine – but it’s in Italian, and I’m afraid most of you couldn’t care less. But I’ll explain why it’s in Italian, while it’s been so successful, and all that.
Because I’ve got ideas, you see…

The podcast is called Paura & Delirio, and that’s how Fear & Loathing was translated in Italian when the movie based on Hunter S. Thompson’s book came out.
It’s basically two people – my friend Lucy and I – talking about old horror movies. No script, no planning, no nothing. We just pick a movie, or ask our listeners to pick one, we re-watch it, and then talk about it, while I drink some tea and Lucy smokes a fag.

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Radio Karavansara #2: Shanghai

The first transmission from Radio Karavansara got some positive feedback, so why not try again? What about a broadcast about one of my favorite obsessions?
Shanghai, the Paris of the East – a city that has fascinated me for ages, sneaking into my stories when least I expected it… and here’s a selection of tunes about shanghai, or from Shanghai, or somehow related to Old Shanghai.


I’ve given myself four episodes to try and see if this thing catches on.
Up next… ah, maybe something about Central Asia and the Transiberian railroad?
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Radio Karavansara – why not?

I’ve been listening a lot to Martin Newell’s ODDCASTE, an irregular podcast in which the British musician and poet plays DJ, offering a selection of obscure and often fascinating pop tunes. I often thought that’s the sort of thing I’d love to do… but of course the ODDCASTE already exists, and there’s no need for more of the same.

On the other hand, I am having a lot of fun with the current work on Paura & Delirio, the podcast on horror and fantastic movies I host with my friend Lucy. Wouldn’t it be good to do something else, podcast-wise?
Of course it would!

Then last night the thought struck me.
Time to bring back Radio Karavansara.

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