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St Gertrude’s Day: All the Cats Join In

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Election day

It’s election day here in Italy.
We are snowed in, I am nursing a damaged wrist and typing with two fingers, but we did go and do our duty.
It’s a weird time here in Italy, and I see dark clouds gathering.
And it does get to you – sit here, write fantasy stories while the nation sinks back into its bad habits. What’s the sense of it?
But then I say to myself, what the heck, we can still write about ideas, and imagine solutions, and not just problems.
So here we go.
I’ll let Marc Bolan express my feelings at the moment…

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Tyrannosaurus Tex strikes again

I’m very proud to announce that Tyrannosaurus Tex, my first ebook ever, has been turned into an audio-drama by the fine folks of the Gallery of Curiosities podcast.
Narrated by Steve Sutherland, it is just fantastic.


You can check it out FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

And in case you are interested, Tyrannosaurus Tex is still available for dirt cheap on Amazon.

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Robert Arthur and the Mysterious Traveler

RatypingI was a fan of Robert Arthur Jr before I was a fan of anybody else. Robert Arthur Jr came before Jack Williamson and Robert Howard and Fritz Leiber and Jack Vance and Roger Zelazny and Michael Moorcock and all the rest.
This because the first books I cut my teeth on were part of the series The Three Investigators, that were credited to Alfred Hitchcock but were actually written by various authors – and Robert Arthur Jr wrote the first dozen or so.
24992Robert Arthur also edited a number of anthologies, including Alfred Hitchcock’s Ghostly Gallery, that was – as I mentioned a few days back – the book that started my long-time fascination with ghost stories.
The volume included three stories by Arthur, The Haunted Trailer, The Wonderful Day and Obstinate Uncle Otis. Very good stories, that remained in my memory these 39 years. Continue reading


New Toy: Anchor

I keep flirting with the idea of setting up a podcast to go with my blogs.
My earlier experiments received some very positive feedback but where really too time consuming: writing, recording, re-recording, producing… writing textual posts is way faster.

Selection_999(009)But I have not renounced, and right now I’ve set my sights on a new service called Anchor, that allows one to use the smartphone to record, edit and upload soundbites, short podcasts, interviews and other things.
Just what I need, right?

I’ve been trying to find a user’s handbook, so far without any luck (but hey, I’ve been studying the thing all of half an hour right now… gimme a little more time).
But I’ll keep looking and experimenting.
It would be fun, to make my voice heard again.
Well, fun for me, at least.

Something short and sweet – ten minutes episodes.
About what? Ah, nice question.
But first, the tech side.
One way or another, things will happen. Watch this space.