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The Second Judy Garland Blogathon: Judgement at Nurenberg

This is the Judy Garland blogathon, and please direct your browsers here to visit In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood, that is hosting the blogathon and where you will find the entries for all the participants and their posts about Judy Garland’s movies and more.


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The Virgin Queen (1955)

Bette Davis,once again.
This is the Third Bette Davis Blogathon, set up by IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD, and as usual I invite you to check out the link to find a lot of other blog posts about one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses of all time.


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Singing Sweethearts Blogathon: The Merry Widow (1934)

Jeanette MacDonald -1937I’ve been invited to contribute to The Singing Sweethearts Blogathon, dedicated to the movies of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.
The blogathon was set up by Rebekah Brennan, co-founder of the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society blog, and you can point your browsers in that direction to check out the full list of participants and read a number of great articles on the movies of MacDonald & Eddy, both together and on their own.

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The Garbo Blogathon: Queen Christina (1933)

She is certainly the most iconic movie star of all time, and this is the Greta Garbo Blogathon, hosted by IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD.
As usual, I invite you to point your browsers to the blogathon page for a complete list of the participating blogs and a lot of great articles about Garbo and her movies.


And once you’re done, come back here, because we are going the swashbuckler way again— well, sort of.
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The Hepburn & Tracy Blogathon: The Iron Petticoat, 1956

THE SPENCER TRACY AND KATHARINE HEPBURN BLOGATHON IS HERE, and despite my fevered state, here I am to do a post about the wonderful Katharine Hepburn, and one of her films.
Not one of her best films.
Not by a long shot.
But what the heck, it’s got Katharine Hepburn in it, so it can’t be bad, right?


But first, please direct your browser to the In the good old days of classic Hollywood blog and get a full list of the participating blogs.
Enjoy the sights, read the posts, discover or re-discover movies that are well worth a view.
Yes, even The Iron Petticoat, the 1956 movie we’ll be talking about here, on Karavansara.
The movie Greta Garbo called

the worst film I have ever seen

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Ten lessons from swashbucklers and adventure movies

This post is part of the Things I Learned from the Movies Blogathon, a good opportunity to see movies in a different way, and learn something from them.
Soplease direct your browsers to the Speakeasy and the Silver Screenings blogs for a full list of the blogs involved and the various topics of this crash-course in learning stuff – for better or for worse – from movies.


And then check out what’s coming, because here on Karavansara we’ll discuss

Ten lessons from swashbucklers and adventure movies

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Remembering Barbara Stanwick Blogathon: Escape to Burma (1955)

babs-remembringIt’s the Remembering Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon… first movie blogathon of the year for Karavansara, and a good opportunity to watch (again) a nice piece of old fashioned exotic melodrama.

But first things first – the Babs blogathon is hosted by the In the Good Old Days of Hollywood blog…
And here you’ll find the list of all the other blogs participating in this event. Check them out – Barbara Stanwyck had a long and very diverse career, and you’ll find all sorts of different movies.

As for us, here, we’ll take a good look at Escape to Burma, a 1955 RKO movie directed by veteran Allan Dwan.
Which is just the sort of thing we like hereabouts – pulpy, noirish, adventurous and shot in garish colors.
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