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Language and Stories

I’m writing a story.
It’s an alternate history short story for a forthcoming project.
I will not disclose the details, but I can safely say that it’s a story that features Carole Lombard – because I love Carole Lombard, and she’s the right woman in the right place, so to speak, for the story I want to write.

Annex - Lombard, Carole_09

Scanned by Frederic. Reworked by Nick & jane for Dr. Macro’s High Quality Movie Scans website: http://www.doctormacro.com. Enjoy!

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My goodness, was she beautiful.
And smart, and funny.

On the 16th of January 1942, the plane carrying home Carole Lombard – who had been on a fund-raiser drive for the war effort – crashed southwest of Las Vegas. No one survived.
That was 75 years today, and this is the CAROLE LOMBARD: THE PROFANE ANGEL BLOGATHON, devised by In the Good Old Days of Hollywood and by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies. Check out the link for a complete list of the blogs participating, and for a wide selection of pieces on Carole Lombard and her short but breath-taking career.


Then get back here, because you know I am desperately in love with Lombard, and I’ll write a bit about her last movie, Ernst Lubitsch’s To Be or Not to Be.

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Queen of the screwballs

carole953-789x1024To some is Garbo, to some is Dietrich.
For me, when it comes to classic Hollywood beauties, the epitome of 1930s cinema, it is Carole Lombard.
What I think really got me, about Lombard, was her laughter, her being notoriously a prankster. I love funny women (because I love intelligent women, and humor is a sign of intelligence).
Anyway, I’m sure I’ve already bored you to death in the past about Lombard, but this week is special in a sad way – on the 16th it will be the 75th anniversary of the tragic air crash just east of Las Vegas that in 1942 killed 22, including Carole Lombard and her mother.
There’s some stuff coming up – a blogathon, a few posts, but while I am at it, I thought I’d do a photo gallery.
She was, after all, stunningly beautiful. Continue reading


The Second Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon: Twentieth Century (1934)

I blame the heat and the overworking – I completely forgot about the Second Annual Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon.
I mean… forgetting about the Barrymores?
And call myself a film lover? Ah!


But there’s still time, and here we go – hosted by the In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood blog, this blogathon celebrates one of the most famous families in Hollywood.
John Barrymore, Ethel Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore all the way to Drew Barrymore…
So, point your browser to the link above for a full list of the blogs participating in this online event.

And then come back here, because we are about to ride on a train called Twentieth CenturyContinue reading


Five classical beauties

guruMy web-thingies guru (don’t we all have one?) tells me it’s “good SEO” whatever that means, and a good way to get some extra traffic, to post list-themed contents.
“The Best Five… whatever”.
And who am I to doubt my guru?

So I thought I’d do a list sort of post – and a few nights back a guy pointed a loaded Marlene Dietrich at me1.
Boy was she heart-stoppingly beautiful!
And yet…

Fact: the world is filled with beautiful women. That’s one of the good things of being alive on this world. And if you love movies – like I do – you are certainly aware that there’s been a lot of incredibly beautiful women that have graced the screen.
Some names are legendary – Monroe, Harlow, Turner, the above-mentioned Dietrich…

So, what about my five favorite actresses from the classic Hollywood era?
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