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Hope & Glory – Talk Like a Pirate!

Ahoy, mateys!
Today it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I’d rather talk about pirates and other assorted ship-based scoundrels and adventurers.
And because I am still promoting like hell my game Hope & Glory, why not give a look at piracy in the skies.251845
After all, Hope & Glory is a game that features airships.
And indeed, the scenario The Man that would be Quinn includes piracy in the sky lanes, the piracy in question being loosely based on South Cina Sea piracy.
And Emilio Salgari.
We’ve been there already, and you know the Tigers of Mompracem did have an influence on my game.

But really, let’s talk about pirates and adventurers, and Hope & Glory. Continue reading

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Talk Like a Pirate Day Gallery

Today is the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, or so they tell me.
And what best way to celebrate this jolly occurrence but with a nice gallery of pirate pictures?
I always loved Don Maitz’s art… and he’s a specialist in pirates.
So here goes!

And I also have a pinboard filled with Maitz’s pirate pics, if you want more!


The Pirates are Coming (very slowly)

Today is the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so, first and foremost, arrrh!

strangertidesbookThis said, I was reflecting yesterday that I still haven’t written a story about pirates. Which is a damn shame.
On the other hand, then I think about William Hope Hodgson’s stories of ghostly pirates, or Tim Power’s wonderful On Stranger Tides1, or George MacDonald Fraser’s masterfully silly but historically sound The Pyrates, or Michael Scott Rohan’s Spiral of Worlds stories, and I realise I’d be facing some pretty harsh competition.
And I did not mention the sacred name of Rafael Sabatini.

By the way, is there any good recent pirate-based fantasy story you would suggest?
I need to update my reading list.

But I was saying… Continue reading

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Talk like a pirate!

PiratePrimerHoy, cammarados!
Now stab me if it ain’t the bawcocky Talk Like a Pirate Day, on this nineteenth of September in the year of Our Lord 2014!

This being so, methinks I’ll make ya savvy ’bout a nice fine book that will leran you the pirate lingo proper.

Mark this, The Pirate Primer, by the esteemed George Choundas, printed by the Writer’s Digest Books press and sold by pamphlet peddlers and book-stalls everywhere along the Main.
Good solid hardback, this, well worth your silver.
470 pages of Oaths, Commands, Epithets and assorted piratical lingo, with grammar and notes, serious enough to be good reference for pen-pushers, fun enough for common ruffians looking for a good time.

I reccommend it, heartily.
And with this, I wish you a very fine day, and good luck to ‘ee.

Oh, yessir, and Arrgh!