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See you at the Aethercon!

What about a virtual gaming convention?

Selection_893Aethercon is the largest online convention for roleplaying games and gamers, and it will take place on the next weekend, between November 10 and 12. It will feature demo games, speed painting tournaments, panels and interviews. There will be publishers’ stores and vendor booths.
Everything online, managed through Hangouts, Skype etc.

I will be there with my friends of GGStudio and Savage Worlds Italia, and I’ll bring Hope & Glory to the table.
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Aethercon VI

Aethercon_LogoThis is con season – and after crawling to Milan for the local con, I’ll be taking part in a virtual, online con… Aethercon VI, on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November.

The Aethercon is an online gaming convention – you get to meet game designers and publishers, you get to try new games, you can attend panels and burn a few bucks in the virtual vendor area.
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Hope & Glory: Above the Clouds

Selection_810And after the cover, the book itself…

The Princess Himiko is a small flying ship belonging to the fledgling Iezo Republic, cruising the skies in its maiden voyage.
But what the men and the women of the Himiko are about to discover hidden in the stormy sky above the Caucasus, will change the world forever.

A story of exploration and science gone mad in the world of Hope & Glory.

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Weekend in Shimla

I’m getting ready to spend tomorrow playing roleplaying games in the best, most fun, little big gaming convention in the West (and also in the East) – Pinerole 2017.

This will be a great opportunity to playtest and stress-test Hope & Glory with a bunch of hardened Savage Worlds players.
For the occasion, I have prepared a scenario called Weekend in Shimla.

pinerole 2017 Hope & Glory handout 2

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Hope & Glory: Part of the Machine

And this makes three!
As I write this, the slaves in the vaults of DriveThruRPG and Amazon are busy working to put the third Hope & Glory novelette, Part of the Machine on the virtual shelves. Here is the link to DriveThruRPG.


I’m quite happy with the way this is turning out to be.
In the first book, Glass Houses, was set in India, and was a straightforward adventure/espionage story.
Then came Number the Brave, a war story set in the Sahara.

With Part of the Machine we move to snowbound Russia, for a noir intrigue taking place in the “zima krepost’” (Winter Fortress) of Czar Vladimir in Tsaritsin.
Young, jaded Varvara Vorovina Boleslavskaia is about to find more than she looked for as she moves between the apartments where the aristocracy plots and gossips, and the underground chambers where the workers toil and anarchists prepare their revolution.

As usual, the novelette comes with a full appendix detailing life in the Winter Fortress, the Russian obsession with chemicals and drugs, and more gaming resources to be used with the Savage Worlds basic handbook.