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Talk like a pirate!

PiratePrimerHoy, cammarados!
Now stab me if it ain’t the bawcocky Talk Like a Pirate Day, on this nineteenth of September in the year of Our Lord 2014!

This being so, methinks I’ll make ya savvy ’bout a nice fine book that will leran you the pirate lingo proper.

Mark this, The Pirate Primer, by the esteemed George Choundas, printed by the Writer’s Digest Books press and sold by pamphlet peddlers and book-stalls everywhere along the Main.
Good solid hardback, this, well worth your silver.
470 pages of Oaths, Commands, Epithets and assorted piratical lingo, with grammar and notes, serious enough to be good reference for pen-pushers, fun enough for common ruffians looking for a good time.

I reccommend it, heartily.
And with this, I wish you a very fine day, and good luck to ‘ee.

Oh, yessir, and Arrgh!