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Over 50.000

This is a brief post because something interesting happened while I was on vacation: not only this blog just surpassed the 50.000 yearly visits (compare that to the 45.000 visits over 12 months of 2017), but we are experiencing an increase in visitors that for the first time ever has caused Karavansara to get more visits than my Italian blog, strategie evolutive.
It’s true in the last few months, I have increasingly reduced my posts on strategie evolutive – not out of ill will, but simply because it seems to me I have little more to say over there – while Karavansara, on the other hand, is growing, and so now we have more than tripled the number of visitors.


So, while I welcome the new readers (make yourself heard in the comments!), I also want to thank my old readers, for hanging on all this time.



karavansara logo bright 2016As some might have noticed, Karavansara is now running with a new URL – we now go by karavansara.live.
Old bookmarks will still work – you will be redirected to the new address.

Some users1 will experience some problem, depending on the frequency with which their ISP updates their DNS.
Or something.

Anyway, hoping glitches will be corrected as soon as possible, Karavansara is growing.
Now we have a domain name.


  1. including… ehm, myself… 

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Karavansara is growing

6799203853_3ac66d1476_zA very quick post today.

First and foremost – thank you to all the readers for reading this blog.
Thank you to those of you that used the Star Rating (just underneath the title of each post) to let me know they’ve been here.
Thank you to those that put a Like on my posts (at the bottom of each post – in full read mode), because feedback is precious. Continue reading