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Over 50.000

This is a brief post because something interesting happened while I was on vacation: not only this blog just surpassed the 50.000 yearly visits (compare that to the 45.000 visits over 12 months of 2017), but we are experiencing an increase in visitors that for the first time ever has caused Karavansara to get more visits than my Italian blog, strategie evolutive.
It’s true in the last few months, I have increasingly reduced my posts on strategie evolutive – not out of ill will, but simply because it seems to me I have little more to say over there – while Karavansara, on the other hand, is growing, and so now we have more than tripled the number of visitors.


So, while I welcome the new readers (make yourself heard in the comments!), I also want to thank my old readers, for hanging on all this time.


My best failures of 2014

Failed Stamp Showing Reject Or FailureI’m stealing the idea for this post from Mike Brooks, and his podcast about his five biggest failures of 2014.
Mike notes that…

Of course I don’t see failures as a negative. To me failure is simply a necessary part of success.

It’s my sort of thing – I’m good at failure.

So – where and how have I failed in 2014?1 Continue reading