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The First Karavansara Readers’ Poll!


The time has come for the readers of Karavansara to make their voice heard, and make their opinion count!
As some of you may have noticed, someone is hitting Karavansara with one-star ratings of most posts. Known as Twinky to his fans (from Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star, you see…), the guy* used to do the same on my Italian blog too – back then we called him “Stella Stellina”. Yes, he’s pathetic. And yes – ignoring him would be the logical thing to do.
But… what about another approach? So here’s a poll for you. Cast your vote, and let me know what you think.

* I’m pretty sure he’s a guy – women are not that stupid

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

5 thoughts on “The First Karavansara Readers’ Poll!

  1. LOL … even here 😛

    hard to say what’s the best strategy … ignoring him is exactly what you did ’till now without any results, right?

    maybe “take away his toy” could be a better choice


  2. ignore him, Dave. attention is what he seeks!!!


  3. Mana, I was really surprised by this article. I’ve been follow Karavansara since the birth of the blog, and I had been also into “strategie evolutive” for years.
    Usually your articles are very interesting, or lots of fun, or both.
    Moreover, I used to appreciate specially the calm tone you used in your posts, a thing so unlikely in the Italian “blogsphere”.

    That said, as a reader I always enjoyed your stuff, (though I rarely commented), cause it was well written, interesting to read and (as stated above) most of time also good fun.
    And I used to think about you as a blogger fare above the average, not into the easy polemics as many others. Many a your articles are still an important reference for me (‘xpecially for scold the young hothead that happen to think that easy polemics pays off).

    So I really can’t understand why some (prolly random given) “1 stare rating” does upset you so much. Honestly, I’ve never minded the little stars above the articles, and I am quite positive that the vast majority of your readers also does not care.

    That said, let me tell that behaving this way you are giving this man/girl/mad internet monkey far more importance than he/she/it deserves. So, since this post is about what readers think about the matter, let me give a tip: go straight on your way, head down. Any other thing will be only a waste of your time for someone/somebody that really does not deserve it.


    • Anacroma, thank you for your opinion.
      In fact, the star rating does not upset me at all – hostility does surprise me, but little stars do not upset me.
      On the other hand, Twinky wants to be loved, and it was time we all showed him some tough love.
      After all, it must be pretty hard, seeking attention while remaining anonymous.
      Therefore, sorry if this post of mine caused you any sense of unease – but I must take care of my readers, including hopeless wankers like Twinky.
      For everybody else there’s my regular posts, this one is especially for him.


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