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Coming Soon(ish)

Aculeo&AmunetLet’s amp the hype – or something.
In the very end I found a good title for the new Aculeo & Amunet story – which is currently being lovingly dissected by my editors.

They cut it with their steely knives
but they just can’t kill the beast

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Bride of the Swamp God – the cover

OK, let’s try and amp the hype a little.

Here’s the cover of my forthcoming ebook, Bride of the Swamp God.
Which, as I think you can guess, has something to do with Ancient Egypt, and with tentacles.
And swamps and brides, I guess.

The cover uses some free resources provided by zememz – check out her pages on DeviantArt.

The lettering is by Giordano Effrodini.

swamp god cover final small


File under ‘hype’ – a new story coming soon


There’s a new story coming.
First in a series, hopefully – with two other shorts in the works.
The beta readers just sentĀ  in their reports, my editrix did her magic on the text, the cover’s ready, now time for a final re-reading and a check of my sometimes quirky (as in “wrong”) English, and we’ll be all set to go.

The story has a strange genesis.
The main characters, Roman centurion Aculeo and Aegyptian princessĀ  Amunet, began their life and their unlikely partnership on my Italian-language blog (strategie evolutive), in a series of posts I did on how to use the web and other resources to try and hoodwink the reader into believing the author does know a lot more about a lot of stuff when he writes some kind of historical fiction.

“Let’s say I’m writing a story about a Roman centurion saving a plucky Egyptian princess from some lovecraftian horror. Let’s start with their names…”

Using Aculeo and Amunet as examples, I built an outline and sketched some characters, throwing in some handy references and a few details; and I did in fact hoodwink my blog readers into believing I knew what I was talking about.
Nice and smooth.

Fast forward two years. Continue reading