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The Corsair – cover

The cover for Chasing the Mesrmaid, the first novella in my new series, The Corsair, that will be out soon through Raven’s Head Press, was leaked yesterday on Facebook. And it’s gorgeous.

corsair firt proof cover

I will say nothing more for the time being.
But we’ll talk about this as soon as the book’s available.


Bride of the Swamp God – the cover

OK, let’s try and amp the hype a little.

Here’s the cover of my forthcoming ebook, Bride of the Swamp God.
Which, as I think you can guess, has something to do with Ancient Egypt, and with tentacles.
And swamps and brides, I guess.

The cover uses some free resources provided by zememz – check out her pages on DeviantArt.

The lettering is by Giordano Effrodini.

swamp god cover final small