East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Israel in 1951

… and we often forget that Israel was a hot tourist spot in the 1950s.
Another destination for future adventures of The Corsair.




And so it’s out, both in ebook and paperback.
The Mysterious Machinery of Amazon say The Devil Under the Sea is 108 pages, which makes it 35% longer than Chasing the Mermaid.
Is it also 35% better? Or just as good?
Will they like it? Will they actually buy it and then like it?
Will there be reviews? Or will it be consigned to oblivion?

Devil Under the Sea large

I always get a lot of worries when a new book of mine comes out.
The best way to silence them is to go back to writing – make the monkey mind go silent by overworking it.

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The Devil Under the Sea for preorder

I am very happy to announce that the long overdue second episode in the adventures of Leo Martin, aka The Corsair, will go on sale through Amazon on the 10th of August.

The novella, The Devil Under the Sea, that can be enjoyed as a standalone1, will be available both in DRM-free ebook format and as a paperback volume. Both the ebook and the paperback are being processed as you read this post, and will be ready for preorder in a few hours.

Read on to learn more and view the cover of The Devil Under the Sea

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