East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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An old friend, found again

One of the perks of being (occasionally) a game creator, is the trickle of revenue coming my way via DriveThruRPG, whenever someone buys a copy of Hope & Glory. I am not swimming in gold, but this means I can afford to buy a new game once or twice a year – it is much more convenient for me to spend these money as credit against purchase rather than cashing them in (expenses would erode an already modest figure).

And so I went and bought me a game that’s been on my wishlist for a long time: Trinity Continuum, the revamped/redesigned/refurbished new edition of the old Trinity games. A system and a universe I am very fond of, and that now is back in print with a new, streamlined game system.

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Roleplaying Ye Olde Englande

I still buy roleplaying games, when I can afford it, and when I find something interesting. And Romance of the Perilous Land, published by Osprey (the purveyors of great wargaming and historical recreation books), caught my eye a few days ago.
I loved the cover, the concept and, indeed, the price – as Amazon lets you get a digital copy of the book for 1.99 US Dollars/1.78 Euro.
I mean… come on.

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Visit the Dying Earth (and do some good)

A quick heads-up for those of you out there that like roleplaying games, or Jack Vance – or both.
The Bundle of Holding is offering the Compleat Dying Earth package – everything you need to play in the world of Cugel and Rhialto, as to say The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game, designed by Robin D. Laws and published (quite fitytingly) by Pelgrane Press.

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Brancalonia at the University of Edimburgh

Brancalonia, the “spaghetti fantasy” roleplaying game has been a runaway success on Kickstarter – which means the writers and illustrators are hard at work on these hot summer days to get everything ready.
But meanwhile, back when the Kickstarter was still running full tilt, the History & Game Lab at Edinburgh University took an interest in us.

As a result, you can listen to an interview on the subject of games, history, the interplay of the real world and fantasy, and a lot of other things, on this podcast.

Brancalonia art by Lorenzo Nuti

My voice is horrible, I am quite obviously clueless, but hey, you might find something interesting in my ramblings.

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Fear of finishing, part 2

And let’s admit it, it is fitting that a post about the endless reworking / rewriting / tweaking / revising we do to our work in order to push the finish line as far as possible should have a second part.
I mean, the first was not quite finished, right?

Well, here is where I talk about academia, roleplaying games, and “the funny incidents that happen when you try and make your living as a writer” (remember? this was the topic of the comic book I was told to start posting instead of these useless words I am putting on my blog and nobody reads anyway).

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Small pleasures

A number of years ago, I wrote a scenario for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, that was published in a collection by Chaosium, called Strange Aeons II. The scenario was called Cursed be the City (a title I pilfered from Henry Kuttner), and pitted a bunch of Neanderthal player characters against an ancient curse. And Tsatthogua.
Because everything’s better with Tsatthogua.

Two days ago I was informed my old adventure was discussed briefly on Reddit.

One sometimes wonders, what of all my work after I’m gone?
Well, something will be remembered.

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Paris by Night

Sometimes we get the hint.
Like, as a belated – but much appreciated and welcome – gift for my birthday, I just received a bundle of sourcebooks for All for One: Regine Diabolique, the roleplaying game of musketeers fighting the Gothic horrors that haunt a not-exactly-historical 1636 Paris.
And yes, I got it.

I mentioned the Ubiquity-powered All for One in a previous post (I am sure WordPress will put a link to it down below). I like the Ubiquity system, and I like the setting, with its swashbuckling heroes facing unspeakable horrors to defend the honor of the King.

What I just got will allow me to set up a proper game, one of these nights, for the delight and amusement (hopefully) of my players.

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