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Radio Karavansara # 4: Aeon Trinity

In about 24 hours I will start a new roleplaying campaign, playing online a game of Trinity – the science fiction RPG originally published in 1997 by White Wolf as Aeon. The game was just re-issued with a new engine as part of the Trinity Continuum by Onyx Path, but we’ll be playing the old ruleset and universe.

And as I have always done with Trinity, I’ve been sketching the campaign while listen to some music – and so I decided to prepare a sort of soundtrack, and put it up on Mixcloud.
Will my players (and my readers) appreciate it?
I do not know.
In case you are interested, it’s here…

And now, off to draw some pre-rolled characters.

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An old friend, found again

One of the perks of being (occasionally) a game creator, is the trickle of revenue coming my way via DriveThruRPG, whenever someone buys a copy of Hope & Glory. I am not swimming in gold, but this means I can afford to buy a new game once or twice a year – it is much more convenient for me to spend these money as credit against purchase rather than cashing them in (expenses would erode an already modest figure).

And so I went and bought me a game that’s been on my wishlist for a long time: Trinity Continuum, the revamped/redesigned/refurbished new edition of the old Trinity games. A system and a universe I am very fond of, and that now is back in print with a new, streamlined game system.

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