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The Fifth Indiana Jones Movie

So, the big news seems to be there will be a new Indiana Jones movie, the fifth1.
And this is big news because apparently we will get Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, and Steven Spielberg at the helm.
Now, a lot of the fans I heard are damn sure this movie will suck.

It will be worse than that Crystal Skulls thing!

… they say.


But I’m not sure.
There are ways to make a good, solid, entertaining action fantasy pulp movie featuring a 73 years old man as the main character.
Granted, it needs some work.
But if you would please follow this link, Mr Spielberg –> Continue reading


Raiders from 1981

PBS on Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981.
The overall quality is very low, but the content is gold.
Just what I needed upon learmning that the Cult of the Rat God just acquired the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise (shudder).

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Shark Attack

Steven Spielberg’s 1975 movie Jaws was one of the movies that changed the game, and the highest grossing movie of its time.
I was too young to go and see it in a cinema – although some of my pals did sneak in and emerge later from the darkness of the movie hall with tales of horror and wonder.
Today, I like to watch Jaws every time a TV channel runs it again.

And yet, if as a movie-goer and a fan of action thrillers I love Jaws, as a scientist I always felt the shark facts in the film leave more than something to be desired.

Ellis_SharkAttack-lowresShark Attack, a quick-read, fact-filled pamphlet by noted biologist Richard Ellis, published by Open Road Media, aims at setting the record straight, providing an ample overview of actual shark attacks – including those that inspired the original novel from which the Spielberg movie was made – and a passionate discussion of what sharks are really like, and what a shark attack is in reality.

But the booklet is not only a debunking of the 1975 movie.
This is a condensed introduction to the life and biology of the shark, its interaction with marine ecosystems and with humans.

It’s clear, concise, fun, filled with great images.
It does not detract from the enjoyment of the movie – and provides a further layer to the viewing.