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The Fifth Indiana Jones Movie

So, the big news seems to be there will be a new Indiana Jones movie, the fifth1.
And this is big news because apparently we will get Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, and Steven Spielberg at the helm.
Now, a lot of the fans I heard are damn sure this movie will suck.

It will be worse than that Crystal Skulls thing!

… they say.


But I’m not sure.
There are ways to make a good, solid, entertaining action fantasy pulp movie featuring a 73 years old man as the main character.
Granted, it needs some work.
But if you would please follow this link, Mr Spielberg –> Continue reading

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Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones

g_magnum_01Raiders of the Lost Ark with Tom Selleck as Indy and Sean Young as Marion?
Now that’s something I’d like to see – much as I love the first Indiana Jones movie as it is, the alternative is intriguing.
It would have been different.
I can’t say.

Sure it’s good to play with what-might-have-beens…
And here’s a very very short snippet of Selleck and Young during their screen test.

and, considering that I can’t let you go with just 37 seconds of media, here’s Selleck telling his version of the famous “he turned down Indiana Jones” story…


Raiders from 1981

PBS on Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981.
The overall quality is very low, but the content is gold.
Just what I needed upon learmning that the Cult of the Rat God just acquired the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise (shudder).