East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


Historically accurate…

… except where I screwed up.

I write historical fantasy (among other things).
My Aculeo & Amunet stories are set in the Third Century AD, and the historical details are as accurate as possible.
I try and keep the world historically real.
Then maybe a be-tentacled creepy horror pops out of some dark corner.

figure 8

Now, thankfully, history has so many dark corners and fuzzy borders, that finding the right place to fit in our invention is usually quite easy, or at least lots of fun (thus compensating the trouble).
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Just pitched a new story

protoceratopsAnd so I did it – I just pitched a story to a big, highly respected American publisher.
The pitch is for a pulp adventure story .

I will not disclose too much, but the proposed story features the Silk Road, a few (mostly dead) dinosaurs, raiders, madmen, and assorted historical weirdness.
And some (hopefully!) not-so-cliché characters.

Having spent years collecting historical facts and assorted informations about the Silk Road and the Silk Road countries, building the setting and the background should be easy – and fun.

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