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One that got away: The Saint (2017)

Yesterday I found out a friend of mine is a long time fan of Simon Templar, both in the Leslie Charteris novels and the Roger Moor TV series from the ’60s. Something I’d have never suspected, knowing her.
This led to this and that and I found out the aborted pilot movie for the planned reboot of the series, that was announced in 2012, is now available on Youtube, for less than four bucks – the price of a big serving of ice cream.

So I served myself a big bowl of dark chocolate ice cream, and I sat down for 90 minutes to watch what might have been.

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The Saint that didn’t happen

Here’s something that should have happened, but did not.
I am so very sorry and frustrated about this.
The Saint.
Produced by Sir Roger Moore, featuring Moore himself and Ian Ogilvy.
With Adam Rayner as Simon Templar.
And Eliza Dushku (beautiful talented actress, I’d pay to watch her breathe1) as the Saint’s partner in crime.

But apparently the series is on indefinite hiatus – and it’s been since 2014.

  1. does this sound creepy? It does, doesn’t it? 

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The Saint

Ah, the joys of old time radio!
here’s an episode from the radio version of The Saint – based on the caper stories by Leslie Charteris.
While I’m quite familiar with the classic Roger Moore TV series, I just found out that no less than Vincent Price played the role of Simon Templar on the radio.
And indeed the witty tone of Price suits quite nicely the character.
Here’s an episode.