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Five Indiana Jones Books

OK, so another anniversary approaches – 35 years of Indiana Jones.
I really, really can’t believe it, but it’s been 35 years since Raiders of the Lost Ark was released.

So, I need to write something about Indiana Jones – and I’m trying to put together a proper celebratory, fanboy-ish post.


Meanwhile, I thought I’ll do one of those posts that my SEO guru says are big with the blog crowd and a guarantee to get Google happy1.
A nice little list of five Indiana Jones related books you might want to check out before – or after – you re-watch the classic 1981 movie.

And of course this is my list, your mileage might vary, and I’d be happy to discover more Indy-friendly titles, so please have your say in the comments section. Continue reading


The Fifth Indiana Jones Movie

So, the big news seems to be there will be a new Indiana Jones movie, the fifth1.
And this is big news because apparently we will get Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, and Steven Spielberg at the helm.
Now, a lot of the fans I heard are damn sure this movie will suck.

It will be worse than that Crystal Skulls thing!

… they say.


But I’m not sure.
There are ways to make a good, solid, entertaining action fantasy pulp movie featuring a 73 years old man as the main character.
Granted, it needs some work.
But if you would please follow this link, Mr Spielberg –> Continue reading



$T2eC16Z,!)oFIem9qvv,BSPwymvbP!~~60_35One of the perks of living in a rural area in depressed Northern Italy is the easy availability of cheap, high-quality hats.
People hereabouts still wear a hat every day – and if the dread agrochemicals-sponsored baseball cap is spreading as the standard working headgear of tractor-riders, slowly replacing the straw trilby with a sponsored band, out of the fields a lot of people still favor what goes under the name of lòbia.
The standard Borsalino hat.
What’s universally known as a fedora hat1.
And this is good, because in these autumn days I need a new fedora.
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Ron Fortier reviews The Ministry of Thunder

acheron_the__ministry_of_thunderNow this feels… strange.
But good, too!

You see, Ron Fortier‘s Pulp Fiction Reviews was the first blog I started following when I decided to get deeper into this pulp thing. You’ll find a link in the blogroll here on the right, and Ron’s reviews blog is still my first stop when I’m looking for something to read.
Heck, the man has sold me dozens of books! – including a handful that have become my faves.

So try and imagine my reaction when, checking my feed today, reader, I found this…

“The Ministry of Thunder,” is a rollicking tongue-in-cheek over-the-top pulp winner that completely won me over within its first few chapters. It’s Indiana Jones meets Bill Barnes with a touch of Kung-Fun thrown in to spice things up. It is the first Davide Mana book we’ve read and we certainly hope not the last.

This is more than graduating.
This feels like getting a PhD in pulp writing.

And yes, I do hope Sabatini will be back, too.

Check out Pulp Fiction Reviews‘ full piece about The Ministry of Thunder.

Me, I’m throwing a little party.