East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Shirley Jackson’s birthday

Today is Shirley Jackson’s birthday, and you know that we are big fans of Jackson’s work hereabouts.

And so, why not remember Jackson’s life and work by recommending you to read her book – starting with the classic The Haunting of Hill House.

And you are in luck, because you can read it for free, and it’s a lot better than the TV series.

You can download legally a copy from this link.

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Karavansara Free Library: Arnold Wright (and Hope & Glory)

The Internet Archive is a treasure trove. Right now my browser informs me it is undergoing maintenance, but when it’s up (it should be up briefly), you can listen to Old Radio shows, you can peruse pulp magazines, and you can find a number of excellent resources for your writing and your games.

For instance, let’s consider the catalog of books by Arnold Wright, former journalist of the Times of India and then London editor of the Yorkshire post, who made a nice career for himself as an author of reference books about the East. Continue reading

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Free Fantasy Shorts

Free ebooks – what’s not to like about that?

Starting today, and for a full ten days, you’ll be able to download legally dozens of science fiction, fantasy and horror shorts as part of the Robots, Wizards & Zombies Shorts Giveaway on Instafreebie.


Where’s the catch?
There is no catch – but you might like to join the mailing list of some of these authors, and/or leave a review of their stories on Goodreads or anywhere on the web.

Check out the giveaway.
Read a few stories, and help a few indie authors get new readers.
Spread the word!



49 cents worth of Pulp

Last night I completed a long and heavy writing job (because sometimes insomnia is good for you), and to celebrate a job well done I invested 49 eurocents in a 1200 pages ebook.
Because I’m cheap.
But who said that expensive ebooks are better?

51TTaxtf7NL._SY346_The book I gave myself as a good job, old man! gift is called SCIENCE-FANTASY Ultimate Collection: Time Travel Adventures, Sword & Sorcery Tales, Space Fantasies and much more.
Which seems to be just the sort of stuff I like.
And sure is, because the guy that wrote all that stuff was Otis Adelbert Kline – pulp writer, amateur orientalist and frequent contributor to ArgosyWeird Tales (of which he was the editor for one issue) and Oriental Stories.
He was also Robert E. Howard’s literary agent.
Great catch! Continue reading

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The future through the eyes of tomorrow

tumblr_mdveegfvJP1qet6pno1_500As I said, today is cheap-gifts-day in Italy.

So, here’s a link with something fun and cheap… free, actually – seven (count’em, seven!) huge collection of pulp science fiction from 1940.

This being the 75th anniversary of the first World Science Fiction Convention, all the stories are eligible for the 1941 Retro-Hugo Awards.

Read all the details and find the links on ThePulp.net.