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What writers like: Farinata

So we spent a few days last week with my friends Hell and Silvia, and it was a pleasure to introduce Silvia to a local dish – basically a form of street or finger food – that she had never tried before: farinata1.


This culminated in an evening in the best place in town for this simple dish, with four writers and a Jack the Ripper expert around the same table (yes, we did attract a few worried looks), eating the stuff and drinking artisan beer.

So, this being now the official food of local (and not so local) indie writers, I thought it would be fun to post the recipe here.
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The return of “Pizza, Chinese or Kebab?”

mod-pizza-maddy-default-e1479167621575I am always looking for new directions in which to expand the offer of this blog, and the Autumn is the perfect time for experimenting.
So here’s one of the many things cooking.

Two years back on my Italian-language blog I did a thing called Pizza, Chinese or Kebab? – it was a series of very informal interviews with creators (writers, graphical artists, bloggers), trying to move away from the typical, and boring

“my, you’re so cool/what’s your inspiration?/what’s your next project?”

sort of interview.
I stole the format from Empire magazine’s interview page How much is a pint of milk?, and adapted it to the crowd I usually hang out with online. Continue reading