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More writing, more stories

Some people make their plans for the new year in December, but I still have this schoolboy attitude, to me the new year begins in September.
Or something.
Anyway, I think I mentioned my idea about writing more stories, and submitting them to magazines and anthologies and publishers. Sort of a good proposition for the coming year.
Well, the experiment is working.
In the last thirty days I have submitted five stories to as many publishers, for a total of about 20.000 words.
Two thrillers.
Two science fiction shorts.
One horror story.
This not counting the things I wrote for my Patrons, and my other stuff that I will self-publish, or my gaming material.


Not bad, but it could be better.
What I would like to do would be to double that number, settling for 10 stories per month, roughly 40.000 words, while keeping the bouncing stories circulating.
It’s a tough call, but I think I can do it.
Right now, I’m revising a story I’ll submit tonight.
Then I have five more calls aligned over the next two months.
It’s a start.
The trick will be do this while still working on my other stuff, my stories and games and translations.
But after all, that’s the way it’s got to be if I want to pay my bills and get out of this place.

I wish to thank my friends, my readers and my supporters that have pointed out new markets, new resources and new open calls to me.
You know who you are guys, and you are helping me a lot.
Thank you.

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The return of “Pizza, Chinese or Kebab?”

mod-pizza-maddy-default-e1479167621575I am always looking for new directions in which to expand the offer of this blog, and the Autumn is the perfect time for experimenting.
So here’s one of the many things cooking.

Two years back on my Italian-language blog I did a thing called Pizza, Chinese or Kebab? – it was a series of very informal interviews with creators (writers, graphical artists, bloggers), trying to move away from the typical, and boring

“my, you’re so cool/what’s your inspiration?/what’s your next project?”

sort of interview.
I stole the format from Empire magazine’s interview page How much is a pint of milk?, and adapted it to the crowd I usually hang out with online. Continue reading