East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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A young Helena Saratova…?

I have often mentioned how graphically inept I am, and how much admire – as a consequence – artists that can draw, paint or give shape to their ideas as images in any form.
My schooling steered me away from images at a very early stage, and I grew up to be language-oriented, written-word-bound. I do not complain… but I do complain.
While I’ve taken courses and done exercise, I am still hopeless with a pencil, don’t even mention brushes and paint.

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Hot properties

This is a game some other writers have been doing on facebook, and I thought … why not on my blog, too?
So, the idea is to provide a list of a few properties – TV series, movies, comics, novels – that I’d love to write, given the chance.
Novels, scripts, spin-offs and tie-ins…

So, here’s my list – properties I’d love to write for.