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Guilty Pleasures: Trailers from Hell

One of my guilty pleasures (and not so guilty, aftert all) is Trailers from Hell!, a video-blog of sorts in which famous genre directors, screenwriters and producers present the trailers of their favorite movies, providing an off-beat commentary in voiceover.


The brainchild of director Joe Dante, and with regular contributions by the likes of John Landis, Brian Trenchard-Smith, Guillermo Del Toro and many other personal idols of mine, this is one of the best programs about movies on the internet, and it is highly recommended. It’s one of the most refreshing, funny and intelligent ways to spend five minutes watching a video on Youtube. Continue reading

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Trailers from Hell

A bout of insomnia last night led me to the discovery of a very fun thing caled Trailers from Hell.
Basically it’s directors, screenwriters and other noted professionals presenting and commenting the trailers of their favorite movies.
Nothing fancy, but really fun.

Here’s John Landis, and one of his (and my!) favorites, King Solomon‘s Mines