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The Anti-Damsel Blogathon: Mrs Emma Peel

anti-damsel-dietrichShe was my first crush, back when I was something like eight years old, and she’s certainly one of the strongest influences on my intellectual development (if any).
Emma Peel, as portrayed by Dame Diana Rigg, is one of the icons of the 1960s, a sex symbol, and one of the earliest strong, empowered female leads in television entertainment.

And so, because as of today the Anti-Damsel Blogathon (hosted by The Movies Silently and by The Last Drive In) is on, I am posting about Emma Peel. Continue reading

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c2gif00zSo there was this guy going on at length about how much his writing had been influenced by his reading and re-reding of King.
The man to him is an icon, an inspiration, a true master. King is God and King is his prophet.
Or something along those lines.
And I had to agree.
For me, too, I said, Jason King remains a true model as a writer.
I want to be him, more or less, like, totally.
Now, he did not get mad at me.
He did not know what I was talking about. Which is sad, I think.

Fact is, I was not lying – you see, I think Jason King is a pretty damn cool role model when you are trying to make ends meet as a writer. Continue reading

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Just a girl having fun

9723984I’ve been spending some time reading, and enjoying quite a bit, the Phryne Fisher mysteries, by Australian author Kerry Greenwood, and I’m keeping both the novels and  the TV series based on the novels handy as a defense against the ubiquitous Soccer World Cup in the next few days.

And I was reflecting on the way the characters in the series are delightfully portrayed, and how they are allowed to grow and develop in the series.
The chemistry between the characters and the actors portraying them – Essie Davies and Nathan Page, certainly, but all the cast of the show, really – is something I’ve been observing closely, what with my habit of writing stories about couples and all that. Continue reading


On my TV – Sanctuary

Sanctuary - Saison 4I was rather unconvinced, when I first saw the earlier episodes of Sanctuary, the Canadian TV series starring Amanda Tapping.
I think it was the rather clunky (?) CGI sets.
And yet, today – as the fourth series is being aired here in Italy – I’m a fan.
I actually like it a lot better than, say, Eureka (which bores me to death) or Battlestar Galactica.

After all, a series featuring a science team investigating cryptozoology to protect the cryptids, featuring a sasquatch as a character, involving much (computer-generated) globetrotting, an ancient race of Twilight-free vampires, a hollow earth setting, references to ancient mysteries and whatnot…?
With Jack the Ripper as one of the good guys?
And a descendant of Thor Heyerdahl as a member of the cast?
Together with that woman from Stargate SG-1?

C’mon – it’s obvious that my interest for the series should border on the fetish.
Add the slightly steampunkish feel of some episodes and of part of the premises, and I’m sold. Continue reading