East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


Tarzan & Mike Hammer

Today is the birthday of both Johnny Weissmuller and Stacy Keach.
And now I want a Tarzan & Mike Hammer crossover adventure.
Called Kings of the Concrete Jungle.
Classical odd couple/buddy movie, playing on the fact that Tarzan is also Lord Greystoke, and Hammer is a veteran with two years of service in the jungles of South-Eastern Asia. These guys can move from one’s environment to the other’s with a minimum of fuss.
Might even be the start of a series…


Burn, baby, burn!

By now you’ve all probably heard about the Catholic parish in Poland in which they decided to have a nice book-burning event, making a bonfire of books that teach sorcery and witchcraft. What made the news is the fact that among the books that went up in smoke were both the volumes of the Harry Potter series and the ones from the Twilight saga.

Now call me weird, but I’ve been trying to learn about the other books that were burned. I can see there’s a book by Osho in the photo above, but the others I can’t recognize (you do? Please let me know in the comments! There might be something worth a read in that pile.)
I even ask myself – had the Harry Potter and Twilight books not been featured, would have we heard about this stupid little act of obscurantist rubbish?

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Tarzan as superhero?

0514_tarzanThere’s a new Tarzan movie doing the rounds – I haven’t seen it yet because here in the sticks where I live it will be distributed at some later date, but I plan on seeing it.

Now, one thing that’s leaving me a little bit peeved is, there’s a lot of people out there that go on about Tarzan being a superhero… he is a superhero, he should be treated as a superhero, the franchise should go the whole superhero way…

I am always wary when a movie critic tries to tell me a movie sucks based on the fact that

they should have made it differently

I love science fiction and what-ifs, but if the movie sucks, please tell me why it sucks, not how it would have sucked less in your opinion had you been the director.
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The Peerless Peer

512ih9vpftL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_What with yesterday being the Wold Newton Event anniversary and all that, I spent my Sunday afternoon re-reading Philip José Farmer‘s The Peerless Peer.
And a rip-roaring read it was.

Now, in all honesty, The Peerless Peer is probably not the best of Farmer’s novels, but it is certainly a lot of fun.

In a nutshell: in 1916, the murder of a researcher in Egypt forces Mycroft Holmes to enlist the services of his brother Sherlock and of Dr Watson.
But Holmes alone can’t tackle the problem, and once in Africa, he will join forces with a notorious “eccentric” British peer. One that lives in a tree house he shares with an ape… Continue reading