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Tarzan as superhero?

0514_tarzanThere’s a new Tarzan movie doing the rounds – I haven’t seen it yet because here in the sticks where I live it will be distributed at some later date, but I plan on seeing it.

Now, one thing that’s leaving me a little bit peeved is, there’s a lot of people out there that go on about Tarzan being a superhero… he is a superhero, he should be treated as a superhero, the franchise should go the whole superhero way…

I am always wary when a movie critic tries to tell me a movie sucks based on the fact that

they should have made it differently

I love science fiction and what-ifs, but if the movie sucks, please tell me why it sucks, not how it would have sucked less in your opinion had you been the director.
And you see, I’m not so sure about this whole superhero business. Continue reading

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Super Heroes

250px-BadroulbadourYes, it’s Friday, and I should be posting a picture for you out there to use as a writing prompt.

But today, I’m going for something a little diferent.
I’m posting here a link, to a wonderful website called Public Domain Super Heroes.

Which contains a long list of – you guessed it – super heroes and comic book characters that happen to be in the public domain.
And not just super heroes…

Badroulbadour (“full moon of full moons”) is a princess from the far east to whom Aladdin was married in The Story of Aladdin; or, the Wonderful Lamp (the full moon as a metaphor for female beauty is common throughout the Arabian Nights).

You can browse the website – hosted by Wikia – for its documentary value, or just pick a character, and write your own story.
Or draw your own comic.
Beats churning out crappy fanfiction every day of the week.


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