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Learning how to do a better podcast

I’ve just been through the first unit of an online course I will be following in the next weeks, about digital audio storytelling and voice technologies – basically about how to tell stories using a podcast.
This is quite interesting, both because it will hopefully give me some new idea to improve Paura & Delirio, and because as a writer any new insight on the subject of storytelling is a welcome addition to my toolbox.

The course is hosted by the Knight’s Center for Journalism in the Americas, and it’s not the first of their online courses I take.
Indeed, I have now a nice portfolio of journalism courses in my CV.

This course is both useful and fun, and meeting my fellow students was a humbling experience – here in Italy we are still in the caves, when podcasts are concerned, and discovering the variety and quality of the work other people out there are doing – usually people much younger than me – had a sobering effect.

But after all, when you are in the wilderness, you have ample opportunities – unless of course you are in a wilderness because they are so impervious to change your opportunities are dead before they are born.

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Springtime is here, time to start learning again

I just enrolled in a new course in Transmedia Storytelling – this time on Coursera, a platform I don’t like very much1 but that is offering what I am interested in.

Screenshot from 2018-03-28 18-15-26

This is the third course I take on the subject, and the fact that I enrolled means I feel like I’ll have a modicum of free time in the next weeks.
Yes, the bulk of the work is done. Hooray! Continue reading