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Sleeping patterns and other stuff

You may have notice a sudden increase of video posts on this blog – and a few shorter posts. Fact is, while the lockdown’s been lifted in my country, I am still in my old house, in my old village, doing my old things. I used to say that the lockdown had not changed my daily routines… well, the lifting of the lockdown did not change them either.

The only thing that’s changed is my sleep patterns – after six weeks of solid insomnia, now I have developed the vitality and spark of a dormouse: I’d spend 16 hours a day sleeping.

This new scrambling on my daily rhythms is starting to get annoying.

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Odds and Ends #15

The 15th Odds and Ends has just been posted to my Patrons, just in time for Easter. This week: a great post-cyberpunk thriller for 99 cents (in Italian!), a stack of science books for real cheap, a whole world dominated by birds, a collection of Hobbit recipes, an article about the late Gene Wolfe and a short movie about the end of the world.
Because it’s good to be my patrons.

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Odds and Ends #14

The members of the Five Bucks Brigade have just received the 14th issue of Odds and Ends, this week a huge collection of books: a nice fantasy novella and a cartload of thrillers, all for free, a masterful science fantasy novel, and a learned essay on Victorian monsters. Plus Genghis Khan, and a dark conspiracy.
Because it’s good to be my patrons.

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Odds and Ends #13

I have just posted the thirteenth Odds and Ends for my patrons, and the first one in which I answered a request from one of them. So we got a wide selection of free writing software, collaborative mind-mapping and Roleplaing Game campaign management. Plus two short movies, a melancholy, award-winning cartoon and a ferocious comedy.
Because it is good to be my Patrons.