East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Odds and Ends #6

I’ve just posted the sixth selection of Odds and Ends for my Patrons in the Five Bucks Brigade. This week, dining like it was 4000 b.C., a way to prevent your cat from thrashing your books, a roleplaying game by Umberto Pignatelli, an Oscar-winning animation short, and the opportunity to defend the Frontier against Xur and the army of Ko-Dan.
Because it’s good to be my Patrons.

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A reminder for my Patrons

And for everybody else, too: the first batch of recommendations in the Odds and Ends series was posted yesterday to my Patreon page. It features:

  • two books (one heavily discounted, the other free)
  • a book bundle
  • a documentary you can watch on Youtube
  • a free online course for book lovers
  • a virtual field trip to ancient Egypt
  • and a free game app

Check it out if you are my Patrons and you missed it, and if you feel like, please give me feedback. I’m having quite a lot of fun sifting through the web for items to include in these posts, but I’d like to know what you’d like to see.

Thank you!

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Odds & Ends on Patreon

They say we should always steal from the best, and they are right. Case in point: writer and game designer Shanna Germain has just launched her Patreon page, and among the perks she is offering to her Patrons there is a curated collection of cool stuff – free or inexpensive – that she likes, and that she thinks her Patrons might like too.

And that’s a great idea, and one worth stealing.
After all, I already do something similar with the Karavansara University and in Italian with my strategie evolutive book club, and a weekly collection of cool stuff for my Patrons sounds like the perfect thing to expand my Patreon offer.
I might call it Odds and Ends.

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