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The Longevity Dividend

I just finished an online course about the strategies for a successful aging.
I’m over fifty, after all, and without a hope in hell for a pension and a healthy retirement, I will have to keep myself in working order until the day I die.
Better start early.


The course was an absolute wonder – lots of ideas, lots of suggestion,m some great interactions with my fellow students, and at least one concept I’ll take away and keep close at hand: the longevity dividend. Continue reading


Heroes and Old Men

victor-hugo-age-quotes-forty-is-the-old-age-of-youth-fifty-the-youth-of-oldBe warned, this is going to be a bit rambling, as posts go.
Fact is, Jim Cornelius did a post, on his blog Frontier Partisans, about heroes, and our need of heroes as we grow old.

Old, mind you, not older.
George Carlin was right – we grow old, and we better learn to deal with it.

Jim’s post is a worthy read – and it got me thinking.
About heroes, about growing old, and how my heroes have changed through the years, as I grew old. If they changed at all, of course. Continue reading