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Everything must go

giving upI hope you don’t mind if I wax philosophical for a moment.
Here on the side is one of those memes1.

I fully subscribe the idea – I’ve been told an awful number of times that I would not make it, whatever it was I was doing.
And I proved them wrong.

An example?
The English teacher that on the first day, in high school, told me I would never learn English, never speak it, never understand it.
I thought about her a lot while I was living and studying in London.

So yes – I often feel like quitting, but then I remember the people out there waiting for me to quit, and start cheering.

And before you say paranoid, believe me, I’ve been there, and heard the cheers. Continue reading


The Ministry of Thunder – Influence Map

I wanted to do a post on the movies and the books, and the comics, that I consider an influence on my novel.
Good way to do some publicity, and still maybe intrigue the readers of my blog.
But then I thought, what – post trailers and cover images?
That’s been done to death.

Then I remembered a nice meme tool created by fox-orian, on deviantart.
Why not draw/assemble an influence map for my novel, and let the punters divine its meaning and contents by themselves?

And so, here we go…

ministry of thunder influence map

Click on the image for a larger version

Did you catch all the references?
The comments are open for doubts and hypotheses…


Fifteen impossible things before lunch

impossible… well, maybe not fifteen.
The idea is doing the rounds, here in the Old C Block of the Italian Blogsphere – list fifteen (or twenty) things that happened to you, and that would never work in a story because they are too implausible.
Aw, c’mon, they would say – that’s just too much!

My friends are doing it in Italian, I’ll do it in English, just because.
As I said, I can’t assure you I’ll make it to fifteen. Continue reading