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Other People’s Pulp: Krimi, Giallo & Slasher (Part 3), a guest post

91Third part of the series of posts about the evolution of horror movies, from German Krimi, to Italian Giallo, to American Slasher.
Once again I must thank my friend Lucia Patrizi, of the blog Il Giorno degli Zombi, for her fun but erudite (or is it erudite but fun?) contribution.

The first two installments of the series can be found here and here.

And now, on with the show…
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Italian style

toppi11Many years ago I met a guy that was an excellent comic artist, in a sort of “classical” Japanese manga style.
And I mean, he was really good.
So one day he picked up his portfolio, bought a ticket to Tokyo, and did the tour of the comic publishers there, showing his stuff around.
And the Japanese publishers were absolutely impressed.
There was just a little glitch – they had buildings full of people doing exactly that kind of artwork.
“This is very good,” they said, “but can’t you do something… Italian? Like I dunno, Pratt, or Toppi, or Crepax…”

I thought about this story last week, when the usual “Italians should write Italian stories in Italian” popped up on the web, as it usually happens once every two or three months.

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