East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Where the streets have no name

As I mentioned a few days back, I am working on my (first?) story for the Pro Se Productions “St Germain Project”, in which I will have to give new life to a character that was first and last published in 1938 – if she was actually published at all, because as it was explained to me, the publisher practically died as the first issues of its various magazines were en-route between the printing presses and the newsstands.

So I am working on notes based on what we know, and as it usually happens in these cases, there are a few things we know in high detail, and quite a lot that are necessarily vague.
And some were kept vague by choice – such as, the city in which the action takes place.

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Other People’s Pulp: Krimi, Giallo & Slasher (Part 3), a guest post

91Third part of the series of posts about the evolution of horror movies, from German Krimi, to Italian Giallo, to American Slasher.
Once again I must thank my friend Lucia Patrizi, of the blog Il Giorno degli Zombi, for her fun but erudite (or is it erudite but fun?) contribution.

The first two installments of the series can be found here and here.

And now, on with the show…
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