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Bikini wax from Barsoom (or something)

I consider it a token of the growing popularity and success of Karavansara the fact that we are being hit by spam in the comments. Spam so vicious that our spam-killer can’t actually kill it, and must be eliminated by hand.

I found the following, particularly hilarious,

What we did, the behavior we engaged in, might be frowned upon by some extra conservative members of society, but not by us. Most salons enforce their estheticians to check for STDs when they perform a bikini wax.

considering it was posted under this image


Is Ulysses Paxton performing bikini wax, or checking for STD?
Have your say in the comments.
And yes, this is embarrassing.

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Refurbishing my LinkedIn

Let’s be serious – my LinkedIn page is in shambles, and my account is very popular with spammers and snake-oil salesmen.
The last time I updated I was still working on my PhD – now my PhD’s in the past.
Paid jobs are scarce, the crisis is rampaging through the country, the wolf is at the door – time to set things straight, and re-do my profile.

Considering the absurd amount of stuff I’m currently doing, this will be something that I’ll do in short steps, taking one hour every evening, as an after dinner sort of thing.
I want to plan the update and do it right.

As luck would have it, I just chanced on this one…

How To Create A Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

Just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s see if it works – I’ll keep you posted.