East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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John Barry’s High Road to China OST

I already mentioned how High Road to China is one of my favorite stories.
I like the original novel, the movie adaptation, the cast, the set-up, the movie poster that still hangs in my room and, of course, the music.

high road to china 1

John Barry has been one of the composers that invisibly provided a soundtrack to my first twenty years – he scored movies I loved, TV series I grew up with… he was inescapable, even if I only realized his ubiquity years later.

So, for today1, here’s the complete soundtrack of High Road to China, 1983, by the great John Barry.

  1. it’s Valentine’s day, after all, and to me High Road to China remains a great date movie – which probably goes to explain why I’m chronically single. 

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Born Free

Born_Free1When I was a kid, I used to watch a TV show called Born Free.
It featured Gary Collins and Diana Muldaur and it was based – I learned much later – on the books by Joy Adamson, an Austrian-born naturalist and writer who in Africa, together with her husband George Adamson, took in three orphaned lion cubs and kept on of them, a lioness called Elsa.
The series lasted only 13 episodes – and that sounds weird to me, because I seem to recall it lasted forever.

The show was everything a kid of about ten could want – it featured African landscapes, wild beasts and a mix of adventure and positive messages. It was environment-friendly, and green before there was a Green party. Now I’ve been told they don’t broadcast it anymore, here in Italy, because it is not politically correct enough, whatever that means. The sort of thing that makes me feel old1.

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Bhowani Junction

As a long time Ava Gardner fan I was familiar with Bhowani Junction, the 1956 movie.

A big melodrama featuring Stewart Granger as a gallant British officer in India in the last days of the Raj, the movie is a thick mix of politics, derring-do, racial issues and steamy romance. Good stuff.


What I did not know was that the movie 1 was based on a very popular novel by John Masters, published in 1954 and part of a very loose cycle of stories set in India between 19th and 20th century. Continue reading


John Barry – High Road to China

I know I said only three posts per week, but what the heck, it’s nice to have some music and some fun on sunday.

So, here we go – John Barry’s wonderful soundtrack for High Road to China, a 1983 adventure movie featuring Tom Selleck and Bess Armstrong.

The complete track listing for the score…

High_Road_to_China1. Main Title; Charlie Gets The Knife
2. Airborne
3. Love Theme
4. Waziri Village Attack & Escape
5. Farewell To Struts
6. O’Malley And Eve
7. Charleston* (J. Jonson & C. Mack)
8. Von Kern’s Attack
9. Flight From Katmandu
10. Eve Finds Her Father
11. Raid On Chang’s Camp
12. High Road & End Title

Have a nice day!