East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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… and an interview!

And because it’s Christmas, I’ve got another gift: a piece published about me in the Literary Express, an Indian literary magazine.
Now I feel really like a “proper writer”.
If you feel like reading about me talking about myself (a topic I love discussing), you can find the piece HERE.

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Imperfect Interview

So I was interviewed online, using Facebook, daring the horror of the nested comments and Mr Zuckerberg less than perfect notification system. It was fun, I was dutifully grilled by the attendees, and I hope we will do it again.

And now, for your entertainment, here’s a quick-and-dirty translation of what was asked, and what was answered.

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An interview with Christina Dodwell

So, I am opening this 2018 with a something big, and of which I’m very proud and happy.
And here’s a little introduction…
147XChristina Dodwell’s been one of my real-life heroes for the last 25 years, ever since I discovered her books in a London bookstore (Hatchard’s, if you really must know).
My personal favorites are An Explorer’s Handbook (great fun, and a great resource for a writer) and A Traveller in China (because of my old fascination with China and all that — we discussed this already), followed suit by A Traveler on Horseback in Eastern Turkey and Iran.

Now, the great news: I was granted permission to reprint an interview that was originally posted on the website of the Long Riders’ Guild, in which Miss Dodwell talks about her experiences as a traveler and an explorer.

I am extremely grateful to Christina Dodwell, to Basha O’Reilly who conducted the original interview, and everybody at the Long Riders’ Guild, for this great opportunity.

So, here goes. I’m sure you guys will enjoy the ride. Continue reading


Revive the Drive: an interview with Lesley Conner, Apex Magazine’s managing editor

It is a commonly accepted fact that if you are reading genre fiction, and you want to keep up with the state of the art, and see new ideas and trends as they are born and evolve, the latest award-winning novel is OK, but you really have to read the short the stories that are being published in the magazines.
That’s where the new and exciting stuff happens.
Apex Magazines is one of the places where new and exciting things are happening right now, and they are relaunching their subscription drive these days – they are calling it Revive the Drive.


Subscriptions are what keeps a magazine alive, and keeping Apex alive is a good thing. More magazines on the market means more outlets (and opportunities) for authors, more diversity, a healthier market, and more stories for the readers.
So here is where I say Go and Subscribe to Apex!, but there’s more – first, because in the Revive the Drive Store you’ll find not only subscription opportunities but also books from the Apex Book Company, goodies and even some special opportunities if you are a writer.
Second, because Lesley Conner, Apex Magazine’s managing editor, has been so kind she answered a few questions of mine about her magazine, her job, her experiences, and a few fun facts.

Go on and read the interview below.
And then Go and Subscribe to Apex! Continue reading