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There is money on your account

One of the most irritating mails that pop up in my mailbox from time to time come from PayPal, and they are sent to remind me that I have money on my account, and here’s a selection of ways in which I might like to burn them.

Now, apart from the fact that I never needed suggestions to find ways to spend my money, really, the fact that there is still some credit in my PayPal is usually reason to celebrate. PayPal has been functioning like my last-ditch fund for four years now, and there’s been moments when without PayPal we would have not been able to eat.
So, yay, there’s funds on the account!

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Translating the (Savage) Worlds

Some great news.
As of today, I’m one of the translators for the Italian Edition of the Savage Worlds roleplaying game system.
As a long-time fan and player of Savage Worlds, I’m proud and excited about the job ahead – and a bit scared, as times are tight, and the work to be done is huge.
But the fun of the project more than compensates the hardships to come.

And I will be translating the main rulesbook!


In the next thirty days, I will be eating, drinking and breathing this book.
But considering I already did it, as a game keeper, and for many years, it will not be such a hard thing to do.

And there’s some more exciting, Savage Worlds-related stuff coming.
It will be great.

My other projects will have to fall back on spare time and stolen moments.
Who needs to sleep anyway?