East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Buying fans

A few days ago I decided to invest part of the money I made with my last story sale to buy me a fan. During the last three years both the fans we had here at home died on us, and the one that’s left is one of those huge wind machines they use during concerts to keep the musicians cool on stage under the floodlights. It’s a blast. Literally.

So on Friday I started browsing Amazon, while I transferred some money from my PayPal – where I had been paid for the story – on my credit card, because Amazon won’t accept PayPal, which is a nice little medieval thing, like when the Sultan in Istanbul would not accept the coins of the King of France, but would happily cash in the money from Italian Merchant Republics. Makes you wonder about the future of our civilization, right?
So, I have a credit card I use only for Amazon, and I fund when needed.

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There is money on your account

One of the most irritating mails that pop up in my mailbox from time to time come from PayPal, and they are sent to remind me that I have money on my account, and here’s a selection of ways in which I might like to burn them.

Now, apart from the fact that I never needed suggestions to find ways to spend my money, really, the fact that there is still some credit in my PayPal is usually reason to celebrate. PayPal has been functioning like my last-ditch fund for four years now, and there’s been moments when without PayPal we would have not been able to eat.
So, yay, there’s funds on the account!

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Buy me a coffee?

Yes, there’s a Buy Me a Coffee button in my sidebar.
It’s been there a few days, and it looks like this…

Buy Me A Coffee at Ko-Fi.com

Should you click it, you’ll be offered the opportunity of… well, as you can guess, buying me a coffee – or more than one, should you feel like – through PayPal.
And since I don’t drink coffee, I might use those money to, say, buy a domain for Karavansara, or a better template; or I might employ that cash to promote online my ebooks, or buy cover art for my ebooks, or to buy gifts for my long-suffering editors… you get the idea.

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